Hanuman Jayanti 2020: Importance, significance and traditions

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

According to folklore, it is believed that Anjana was cursed by Muni Vishwamitra for disturbing him. Vishwamitra cursed her that she will give birth to a monkey.

Hanuman Jayanti is one of the most important festivals in the subcontinent. The festival commemorates the birth of Lord Hanuman, the biggest devotee of Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman, also known as Bajrang Bali, Maruti, Pavanputra and many other names is the symbol of strength and energy.

Hanuman Jayanti falls on the 15th day of Chaitra, a month of the Hindu calendar. Son of the Wind-God Pavan, Lord Hanuman played a vital role in the epic Ramayana, aiding Lord Rama to a victory against the demon king Ravana.

Lord Hanuman, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, was born to Vanaraja Kesari (the King of Monkeys) and his wife, Anjana. According to folklore, it is believed that Anjana was cursed by Muni Vishwamitra for disturbing him. Vishwamitra cursed her that she will give birth to a monkey. In order, to get rid of the curse Anjana worshipped Lord Shiva and urged God to be a part of her son. 

The other part of the tale narrates that King Dasharatha performed a ritual of Putrakameshti Yagna under the direction of Rishishringa Muni to have kids following which he received a bowl of sweet. However, a kite rushed a fragment of it, and the Pavan Dev passed it to his mother Anjana, and Lord Hanuman was born. Thus, to which Lord Hanuman is also known as ‘Pavan Putra’ or ‘Vayu Putra’.




Lord Hanuman signifies protection against evil and symbolises strength and devotion. A passionate devotee, he kept every word of Lord Rama, worshipped and dedicated his entire life to him. . Hanuman Janma Utsav is celebrated in various parts of the country by reciting hymns of Hanuman Chalisa, Ramayana, and the Ramraksha. . #didyouknow Most of the idols of Lord Hanuman are smeared in red or orange? . Lord Hanuman once asked Goddess Sita about the significance of wearing a red mark on her forehead. Sita responded that the mark or vermillion was to ensure a long life for her husband. . Knowing that the vermillion ensures long life for Lord Rama, Hanuman smears his body with vermillion. . Since then the temples in India have the idols of Lord Hanuman smeared in vermillion. . A very happy Hanuman Jayanti to everyone! . #HappyHanumanJayanti #hanuman #hanumanjayanti #LordHanuman #ram #lordram #ramayana #Sita #lordrama #hanumanchalisa #india #festivals #festive #festiveseason #viral #viralnews #Sakal #SakalNews #SakalTimes

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It is said that if you want Lord Rama to axe all your worries, you can reach him through Lord Hanuman. Thus, on this day, devotees of Lord Hanuman flock to temples across the nation seeking his blessings. On Hanuman Jayanti, devotees also offer prayers by chanting ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. The mantra describes the power, kindness, intellect and devotion of Lord Hanuman towards Lord Rama.

Some people observe a day-long fast to honour Hanuman Jayanti. It is believed that Bajrang Bali was known to be of the colour of vermillion; as a result, he is resembled in an orange avatar and offered motichoor laddoo or boondi. Thus, followers also offer sindoor tilak on the idol of Lord Hanuman.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the country on Hanuman Jayanti through his Twitter handle.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country, this year government has asked devotees to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti indoors.

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