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Amrita Prasad
Saturday, 24 February 2018

Amateur photographer Harshal Mehta believes that phone cameras come in handy to bring out the shutterbug in you

Don’t have a DSLR and still want to click pictures? Fret not. You don’t have to have a professional camera to click amazing shots. Harshal Mehta, a businessman and amateur photographer, believes that camera phones come in handy to bring out the shutterbug in you. 

Mehta, who has done a diploma course in photography, says travelling has intensified his love for photography. The businessman, who had been to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, for an exclusive photography tour captured its natural and mesmerising beauty on his smartphone. 

“Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a treat to the eyes. I can’t pick a particular favourite image as all the shots are equally dear to me. The best experience, however, was that when everyone was busy setting up their equipment and running around for a perfect shot, I was the only one who was calm and enjoyed the mesmerising view. That’s how I captured the perfect, beautiful moment on my phone,” says Mehta.

He adds that Andaman, to him, was more about enjoying his passion to the fullest rather than striving to click the best pictures. “To sum it up, I would say, ‘Talent camera mein nahi, dekhne wale ki aankho mein hota hai!’” he says while telling us more about his skills: 

How different is mobile phone photography from a DSLR? Which phone did you use to shoot?  
Photography on a mobile camera differs from a DSLR quality wise. But then in the end, it’s the talent and creativity of the person that delivers a good picture and not the equipment. I clicked the Andaman pictures using a One Plus 5. 

You say you don’t need a DSLR to be a photographer. Can you elaborate?
I realised it when I conducted a photography workshop. Most of the participants were walk-ins and were keen on learning photography on their mobile phone, as it was the most handy device. One lady participant was really enthusiastic about photography. She wanted to learn how to use her phone camera to click her children’s photographs. She then participated in a radio contest and won. That day I realised, you don’t really need a DSLR. It’s the talent in the eyes of the person clicking. 

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone photography? Is it suitable for capturing landscapes and scenic locations? 
Some major advantages would be: handy to carry, easy to click, user friendly, also with the ever growing online businesses it’s the simplest way to click and upload and ensure a good quality picture. The disadvantages are majorly long exposure photography and size of the picture. Plus, quality commercial shoots are not possible on mobile phones. Low light photography is also not possible. To some extent, you can capture landscapes and scenic locations on cameras on mobile phones.

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