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Alisha Shinde
Friday, 9 February 2018

Here’s chatting up DJ Shaan Singh who has performed at some of the biggest music festivals in Asia.

You may remember Shaan Singh, commonly known as DJ (S)haan, as the youngest DJ ever to play at Tomorrowland. And he made his debut at Sunburn 2010 in Goa. 

After taking the Indian audience by storm, Singh stepped into the international music scene and has left a huge mark too difficult to miss. He recalls that initially he started with playing music instruments when he was in school, and the big break of playing at international festival just came along and life has never been the same for him. Singh recently released his new single End of the World featuring Allan Eshuijs.

India on EDM
Never a part of the live music scene, Singh says that getting into deejaying “just happened.” “EDM was something new for me back in 2009. Not only was it interesting but I also wanted to try my hand at it and it did wonders for my career,” he says. His energetic persona reflects in the music he creates.

Talking about the EDM scene in India compared to other countries, Singh says, “EDM has been here for some time and India is definitely growing and getting there.” He believes that there are many creative upcoming artists and most importantly the audiences in India are open to accept artists who are experimental with their work. “It has become a creative and open scene where even rappers can try their hand at EDM,” he adds. 

Social media and new artists 
Aspiring artists can use the Internet as a launchpad. “Social media has definitely given a space for upcoming and budding artists to showcase their talents to the world and build a good fan base,” Singh says. 

He believes this will definitely add to their music careers in the near future. He also says that music festivals are now enabling such young talents and are readying them to face a wider audience. The DJ is of the opinion that such festivals are now creating a balance between giving a platform for newer artists to showcase their talents and the biggies of the industry to connect with their fans. “Opportunities are plenty, it is up to the artists to grab them and make a name for themselves,” he adds. 

Performing at music festivals
Talking about why not many Indian artists are seen performing at international music festivals abroad, Singh says that people out there want to see their homegrown talent which is very much encouraged. Singh believes this is a lesson even we need to learn. Though he mentions that it does take a lot time since EDM is quite young in India, “Indian artists are now garnering a global fan base because of which in the near future there will be more of them doing rounds at the international music festival,” Singh adds.  

Singh has played alongside the biggest names in the industry including Avicii, Afrojack, Hardwell, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, Michael Woods and Dash Berlin to name a few, at some popular festivals in Asia. He mentions that he thoroughly loves playing for the Indian audiences. “Playing at international music festivals is my chance of spreading the Indian flavour all around the globe,” says Singh, who is experimenting with new sounds in his studio as he's working on an album he intends to produce and release soon. Will he jump onto the Bollywood bandwagon? “Why not? But I am waiting for the right opportunity,” he says, adding that he doesn’t mind trying his hand at acting though.

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