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Alisha Shinde
Thursday, 15 February 2018

With Sara Soda serving great Goan and Portuguese cuisines, you can not only enjoy delicious food but feel some Goan vibes right here in Pune.

Enter Sara Soda at NIBM Road and you will instantly be transported to a classic Goan restaurant with soft glowing yellow lights and the high ceiling adding to the yellow, blue and white décor. The restaurant also boasts certain vibes of the Portuguese White Capital in Puducherry with the bright blue door alongside the staircase and the graffiti on the pillars adding a quirky look to the place.

The bar at Sara Soda has a huge collection of Indian as well as international liquor brands, and offers an amazing range of cocktails and mocktails. The Fish Bowl, a mix of five white spirits, is served in a fish bowl along with alcohol infused fresh fruits, which makes the drink extremely refreshing and leaves a lingering taste. 

Foodies will enjoy the wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available at the place. Here, we have our picks that you must gorge on. 

The Shack Style Beef served here will take you straight to a shack on one of the many beaches in Goa serving amazing local food. The roasted beef with juliennes of onions, tomatoes and green chillies, and cooked with the chef’s secret spices is delectable. 

Chicken Cafreal is another dish that you must try. The chicken is extremely tender and the taste of the coriander and mint in the grilled chicken is quite evident, giving out a refreshing aroma. 
For all the spicy food lovers, Surmai in Recheado Masala is lipsmacking. The fresh fish, which is pan grilled and coated with a spicy tangy Goan chilli paste, is surely going to leave you asking for more.  

For the main course, do not forget to have the Goan Prawn Curry with rice. Usually served with Sanna, a Goan rice cake, the curry tastes amazing. That said, the rice cakes are a great accompaniment for any vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries. 

Goan cuisine is incomplete without Xacuti which is a delicious amalgamation of local Goan cuisine and the food cooked by the erstwhile Portuguese colonisers. Xacuti is a stew characterised by a complex mix of spices which is usually made with chicken or beef. The Mix Veg Xacuti combines all flavours, creating a perfect balance with  the bitterness of fenugreek, the sweetness of coconut milk and the sourness of tamarind and vinegar.

Prawns Balchao is your go to dish if you are looking for something fiery and yet tasty. It is a Goan traditional dish which is almost like a pickle which tastes the best when consumed with steamed rice. The prawns are tossed in Balchao masala and then sautéed which gives it a distinct flavour. 

Mutton Vindaloo is originally a Portuguese dish which is made with vinegar (also known as ‘Vinho’) and garlic (called ‘Alho’) which becomes Vindaloo, and is served with either Sanna or steamed rice. Just as the name suggests, the taste of garlic and vinegar is quite distinct but gets balanced out with the spices and the tender meat.  

While dining the Goan way, there is no way one should miss out on the delicious Bebinca. At Sara Soda, this Goan speciality is served with a twist. Just like a sizzling brownie, the Bebinca is served warm and topped with dollops of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.  This dessert is delicious, soft and slightly moist. Don’t skip it, if you are fond of desserts.  

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