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Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Gen Z Yellow is the newest colour to sport after the Millennial Pink. Here, is how you can incorporate it in your look.

Millennial Pink is so yesteryear. The newest thing is to sport Gen Z Yellow. Millennial Pink, which dominated all the fashion weeks in 2017, has taken a step back and yellow is now fashion ramps across the globe. 

Talking to a few fashionistas we find out how to incorporate the gentle shade of yellow in your wardrobe as well as your lifestyle.
Tanaya Shende, a fashion graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai, says that some people argue that millennial pink still is going to be around for a while, “However, as a designer, I am bored of the entire soft pop palette which has been going on since 2015-2016.” She explains that Gen Z Yellow does not refer to a particular colour, which means any shade of yellow ranging from pastel to chrome will be a great shift from spring to summer. “Whether it is apparel or footwear, yellow will definitely make a comeback,” she says.

Jamila Datawala, fashion stylist and designer, believes Gen Z Yellow has replaced millennial pink. The majority of the population is still not open to this shade, but with a few styling tips mentioned below one can start.

Tannisha Aggarwal, makeup artist and blogger, believes that yellow is not just a colour that can be added to one's wardrobe but makeup as well. “Yellow being a diverse colour makes a bold statement,” she says addding that be it nails, eye shadow or even eye liner, yellow will literally take your look to the next level and add a fierce personality to your entire look. 



For a summer look, yellow should be paired with white to give a fresh and vibrant summery feel. If you are opting for a yellow crop top or a t-shirt, you should definitely pair it up with white denims.

What is summer without sporting a nice summer dress? Pairing a Gen Z yellow dress with a hat and sunglasses along with flats and a sling bag is good to go for either shopping or even for a Sunday brunch.

A mustard or an ochre linen shirt paired up with casual khaki shorts or trousers is the most stylish way to sport the colour for men. 

If you want to go for yellow accessories, you could pair it up with an interesting printed dress or ensemble. 

Complete your look with a pair of chic and funky yellow framed shades or sport yellow tinted sunglasses to protect your eyes. 

Gen Z Yellow is a colour that will look good even on a handbag. Challenge the sporty street style in you and carry a sling bag on your next shopping spree or a duffel bag to the gym. If you want to add a subtle funk when travelling, you can invest in a travel bag as this colour is here to stay.

A pop of colour is never too much. If you want to carry a bold look, a pair of yellow shoes is what you need. Yellow with prints for footwear can be your next to do thing. Flaunt it and make heads turn. 

Summer nights and yellow eye shadow go hand in hand. Apply a primer as a base and dab an electric yellow or a shimmer on your eyelids and blend it well. To complete your look, apply a cat-eyed or a graphic eyeliner. 

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