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Soham Thacker
Monday, 26 February 2018

Here are five fields where freelancers will find opportunities and money

The freelancing boom is just beginning in India. It is estimated that India has over 20 million freelancers as of 2018 and the industry is expected to grow to USD 20-30 billion by 2025. Better pay, the freedom to choose different work profiles and flexible work hours are some of the key factors that have contributed to this exponential growth in the industry, pushing more and more millenials to choose freelancing as a viable career option. 

While there is a plethora of freelancing opportunities available, there are certain industries or areas that offer more opportunities than others. These are areas where skill and quality of output play a dominant role with little or no need for the freelancer to be present at a particular location in order to complete the work. Here is a look at five freelancing jobs that are definitely dominating the freelancing pool and look to flourish further this year.

From short advertising copy, to long format content and even translation services, writing is amongst the most popular freelancing jobs in India today. With multiple services requiring content across mediums, there is no dearth of freelance writing opportunities. Digital connectivity has ensured that employers from around the world can turn to the Indian freelance market in search of writers, opening up opportunities even further. Additionally, with a rise in regional and local content, there is also a visible need for translation services in multiple Indian languages and that makes this another lucrative option.

This once barely-heard-of field is today one of the hottest prospective jobs in India. While most choose to pursue a career in graphic design by working with companies and agencies, freelancing offers better opportunities, not just in terms of pay but also in terms of the variety and type of work available. This is primarily because not all firms require a full time designer, however most will require the services of one, at one point or another, ensuring there is no dearth of opportunity. One of the best examples of the opportunities graphic design offers freelancers is the creation of the Rupee symbol. This example of crowd working changed the way India views graphic design freelancers and the profession looks to grow from strength to strength in the coming year. 

From book covers to corporate profiles, weddings and beyond, the demand for freelance photography is growing exponentially. The only equipment needed is a camera, a photo editing set-up and of course a keen eye. For trained professionals, this is a job that offers scope for growth and myriad interesting projects to choose from. Additionally freelancing ensures that one has control over the final output, and offers photographers the freedom to bring their creative vision to life. Because photography can be a time-consuming job, freelancing ensures that one can strike the perfect balance between work and leisure as it allows one to choose their own assignments. 

This highly skilled role is in great demand today. From ethical hacking to website coding and customised programming solutions, the industry offers a plethora of extremely specialised opportunities. Employers are gradually choosing freelancers over full time software professionals as it allows them access to a wider talent pool. Addi tionally freelancers in this area are the perfect fit for companies who need to hire on a short term project basis. Indian freelancers charge an average of Rs 1,500 per hour, making it not just a great job opportunity but also a cost effective solution for international firms looking to hire. 

With the boom in digital video content, freelance video editing is a profession to watch out for this year. From corporate videos to digital shorts and even wedding videos, the range of video editing work that is available is wide and varied, giving freelancers the opportunity to experiment and ensure that there is never a dull day. Work that can be easily carried out from the convenience of home, video editing is a highly skilled job that is lucrative as well; Indian video editors can earn upwards of Rs 10,000/- a day. While demand for editors may not be as high as the other professions listed in the article, it is definitely growing at a hurtling pace and looks to flourish in 2018. 

(The author is the founder of Fixpocket, a service marketplace that gives an opportunity to its users to showcase their talent and monetise their skills by selling them to legitimate buyers)

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