GACHCHI: Quite a ‘dizzy’ affair! (Reviews)

Vinaya Patil
Friday, 22 December 2017

Director: Nachiket Samant
Starring: Priya Bapat, Abhay Mahajan, Anant Jog, Asha Shelar
Rating: *

Produced by Nitin Prakash Vaidya and Vidhi Kasliwal, Marathi movie Gachchi, is nothing close to what it promises to be. From the writing to acting, dialogue delivery, and camera-work, everything leaves a bad aftertaste.

Directed by Nachiket Samant, the film lacks a strong storyline and Samant could do nothing to get the actors in the groove either. Lead cast Priya Bapat and Abhay Mahajan are left with hardly anything to do in the movie. You are left wondering why Priya chose to do a movie like this after having delivered some excellent performances in content-driven movies in the past. Abhay too is seen repeating the same old tried and tested skills throughout. Anant Jog and Asha Shelar lend good support, but it’s all for nothing.

Briefed as a ‘real yet unpredictable situational comedy’ about a day in the lives of two troubled and conflicting strangers, Shriram (Abhay) and Kirti (Priya), who have a chance encounter at a strange place (a terrace), nothing about it is comic. Rather than solving one another’s dire problems, they only end up being problems for the audience, with the forced and badly-written dialogues and timing.

But if one is to choose the worst of all these, it has to be the camera work, hands down. While the shaky camera movement can be attributed to the mood of the scene and the dizziness of the character at that particular moment, there is only so much the audience can take. It soon goes from being realistic to being headache-inducing (no exaggeration whatsoever).

At a time when Marathi cinema is making a mark in the world of movie-making, films like Gachchi makes the journey tougher.

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