Friends forever

Anukriti Sharma
Monday, 31 July 2017

Youngsters talk about their memorable ‘decade friendship’ and what has kept their bond going

We make friends everywhere we go — we meet some of them in the most awkward places, with some we strike a chord over a period of time and then there are some we meet without a thought at the back of our head as to how far we’ll go. But these friends know you inside out and stick by you, no matter what the situation is. As Friendship Day approaches, we ask people to talk about their ‘decade friends’ and how the bond developed.

It was my first week of college. I was trying to adjust in the new place, new surrounding and on top of it, we, a bunch of 10 students, were fighting mosquitoes in our hostel room. We all fell sick at the same time. Being a small facility with high number of sick students, many of us were in the same room watching each other suffering from malaria. I am not sure how it all started but the time and talks we shared during that phase gave a start to a group we call today as ‘MBBS’. There was this one guy that I connected with especially, Anchit, who has stayed with me through the thick and thin of my life. It developed over time when we lived four years of our college life together. I remember this one time, during a particularly bad phase, I almost isolated myself from everyone. I wouldn’t attend classes, wouldn’t go for lunch or dinner. While everyone thought I was being a snob, this guy understood and helped me come out of it. He would wake me up each morning, no matter how much I cursed him, and drag me to classes, bought food in my room if I didn’t step out to eat and instead of sympathising, he showed me reality. I knew then that we are going to be friends for a long time and I am glad he called me a loser back then and bought me back to my senses.
— Abhishek Agrawal, engineer

We met in our hostel in the first year of college, in the balcony to be precise. To be honest, it wasn’t friendship at first sight; but I knew we’d be friends for life when I found her up, just like me, in the wee hours, trying to chase lizards and rats out of the room. It started with a really awkward conversation and I thought that she was a bit too intrusive but over a period of time I realised that she was just concerned and would always go out of her way to help people. Our friendship extended to sleeping in each other’s bed to making plans about living together in the future. I remember this particular incident after I passed out of college where she stood with me when I desperately needed someone. After college, I got a job in Mumbai and in between working and travelling, I was looking for flats to rent. My parents too were not able to come and help me out since they stay in the Northeast, but the moment she heard about my misery, without even me asking for help, she showed at my door on a weekend and came to look for a flat with me. After three days of consistent searching, I finally got a flat and she left for her college once I was done with moving in. I don’t remember anyone who has or will do something like that for me ever in my life.
— Sneha Dutta, teacher

My friendship with Siddharth goes back to 2003 when we both were in Class VIII. I still remember the day we met and trust me, it did not start on a good note; we fought over a petty issue without even knowing each other’s name. But today, he is my bestie and I cannot even think of a joyful or sorrow moment without him. For the past 14 years, we have created uncounted number of memories — funny, adventurous, scary and stupid at times. Nevertheless, all those moments have led to the bond that we share today. But if I have to pinpoint one such incident, then it would be in school days, when we both attended a major inter-school fest in Kolkata. I remember it was a huge crowd to handle. Though we were in a group of 5-6 students, staying intact became impossible due to the queue. At one point, the situation became so chaotic that we had to flee from the queue to safety. I was completely terrified because I had never faced such a situation. What kept me strong was the hand of my buddy; not for a second did Siddharth let go of my hand. Though being my age, he behaved as a mature protector and kept me safe throughout. And that hand is still with me, keeping me strong and happy.

I have known my friend since I didn’t even know what friendship meant — early school days. We don’t stay in touch often but we know our friendship won’t lose its meaning because of that. When we talk, we forget that we haven’t spoken in ages and it feels like we spoke only yesterday. Hanging out with each other and sharing each and every thought , fantasy and fear is easy. Trust comes naturally. And we just know that we can rely on each other for any and everything! We have so many memories of sharing stories of interesting movies that we had watched — one such was that of Parul sharing the story of Big Fat Liar with me on our way back from school. We should have reached home by 6.15 pm but that day we reached at 8 pm! We were in Class IX and that was the time when we didn’t have mobile phones. Obviously we got seriously pulled up upon reaching home! We still laugh over it every time we meet.
— Neha Naik, engineer

We had met in our science class 10 years ago. It all started when we both walked one day to our class and spoke about thousands of odd topics discovering our likes and dislikes. Then we regularly started walking to class and as days passed, our friendship and bonding thickened. She is my first go-to person even today.
— Nupur Das, IT professional

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