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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 3 March 2019

Natural and organic El Diablo Sauces are big on flavour and easy on the pocket too. The founders, husband-wife duo Tanya Nambiar and Nikhil Kutty, tell us why they decided to come up with a variety of condiments

Let’s get saucy! But before you think otherwise, let us tell you we are talking about sauces —  the ones that you dunk those hot, crispy chunky fries or golden brown chicken nuggets in. And we aren’t talking about the regular tomato ketchup or chilli sauce! Husband-wife duo Tanya Nambiar and Nikhil Kutty, who founded El Diablo Sauces to provide customers hot fiery condiments, tell us about the flavoursome sauces that they make, and their journey from the kitchen to the market.

The Perfect Sauce
Nambiar says that the idea for the brand came about from their own journey of finding the right sauce that was spicy and good. “My husband and I would go on dates to all these places, because both of us love food and we would never find the right sauce — while some weren’t spicy at all, the others which were spicy had no flavour. That was when we decided that if we start a business it has to be this —  making the perfect sauce.” 

Nambiar, who is also a singer and has extensive experience in sales and marketing, and her husband, who has been in the hospitality industry for a long time, decided that they had to give this a push and it worked. 

Telling us how they decided to call their startup El Diablo Sauces, Nambiar says that it is an ode to Kutty’s dog — Diablo who was fiery, playful and fun. “Along with foodies we are also huge animal lovers and loved our dog a lot,” she adds.

Spicy and tasty  
“Indians love spicy food and tend to make everything a spicy affair,”  says Nambiar adding that however in the case of making food spicy, many a time people miss out on the flavour and what comes out as a product is just heaty. 

“We wanted to break away from this scenario and add flavour to this heat because of which we came out with seven vibrant handcrafted beauties that go from slightly sizzling to smoking hot,” she adds.

Nambiar mentions that they have incorporated the best of the best and favourite Indian ingredients, right from mango to garlic and even chilli as spicy as Bhut Jolokia. “So with El Diablo Sauces, we have a little something for everyone so that no one has to miss out on the goodness of these flavoured sauces that go well with anything and everything,” she says.

The flavours that are available with El Diablo Sauces include Chilimon, Mango Garlic, Pineapple Chili Punch, Bhut Jolokia and Smoked Green Chilli.

All Natural
Nambiar mentions that what makes their sauces different from others is the fact that the produce that is used in their making, is all selected carefully, and organic and natural. “The sauces are all natural, fresh and organic and contain no added processed sugars, synthetic colours or chemical preservatives, and a secret ingredient that my husband adds which even I don’t know,” says Nambiar adding that it is the beauty of cooking — the person who makes them adds a special touch!

Word-of-mouth publicity 
“We don’t come from a business family, so setting up the business with no guidance was difficult, but our family and friends were with us in it. But the challenge is when you have to deal with people who don’t know you, and making an impression on them and making them like our sauces is difficult,” says Nambiar. She mentions that they have had a learning experience from doing a lot of pop-ups. It was there that they learnt what the customers want. “Word-of-mouth publicity really helped in our business,” she says. 

“Right now, we want to make El Diablo Sauces an iconic Indian brand just like the way Tabasco is for the West and experiment with more ingredients and come out with interesting flavours for all,” says Nambiar.

El Diablo Sauces that are priced between Rs 100 and Rs 150 can be bought via their Facebook page and are also available on Amazon.

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