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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 4 February 2018

Dr Manisha Garud, an aesthetic dentist, says confidence 
and attitude is what brings out a great smile

The easiest way of brightening up your day is by smiling and greeting people. Known to be a beneficial feature that adds beauty to your face and a sparkle to your eyes, a smile is something people are drawn towards.

But what makes a smile better and enhances that precious curve on your face? We catch up with Dr Manisha Garud, Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentist of Hitech Dental Clinic who gives us the answers.

Garud says, “A few years from now people believed that a person with straight and perfect teeth had a great smile.” That was a criteria which was put forward by the American Dental Association about how a smile should be. It was considered that people who did not fit into this criteria did not have great smiles.
However, she believes that each and every person is unique which makes their smiles not only unique but beautiful as well. “We have lived through a lot of misconceptions when it comes to a beautiful smile,” she says

Garud is of the opinion that it has now become necessary to preserve and enhance the natural beauty instead of totally changing the look of your teeth and consequently your smile. Even though a smile can be enhanced through cosmetology, it cannot help to improve one’s oral hygiene.  

When asked what brings out a great smile, Garud promptly says, “No treatment can get you the perfect smile. Confidence, attitude is what brings out a great smile.”

Just the way people take care of their skin and hair, it is important to look after the oral hygiene. She adds that oral hygiene is not only about brushing your teeth twice a day and using the best of the best oral hygiene products. For a healthy mouth it is equally important to eat healthy food and drink a lot of water. Garud also emphasises the need of visiting a dentist regularly. 

Talking about the fear that patients feel while vising the dentists, Garud says, “Dentistry has evolved a lot, especially when it comes to the technology part. The dentistry tools have become noise-less which have proven to be beneficial to reduce fear in patients”.  

She says people are divided into three groups — pediatric, adult and geriatric — as per their agegroup. “If children are taught how to take care of their teeth they develop a habit to do so in the long run. It is important for people to use both the sides of the mouth, so that the teeth remain healthy, while the senior citizens should pay more attention to the health of the gums and should eat light and soft food. Massaging the gums should be every person’s oral hygiene routine,” she adds. 

Garud says “Smile is all about happiness and happiness is all around us. All you need to do is find the reason to be happy. That is the secret to a great smile.” 

(Dr Manisha Garud is ‘Smile Partner’ for Sakal  Beauty of Maharashtra Pageant to be held this month)

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