Five apps to sharpen your brain

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

To have a happy time challenging your brain, try these apps that are fun and smart

The ability to think, distinguish between right and wrong and take a quick decision is what differentiates humans from other living beings. Thus, it is imperative for all of us to keep our brains active and sharp. In today’s world, there is no room for snail moves which makes it all the more important for us to have quick thinking. Below is a list of five such apps that will help you enhance your mental skills while you have fun.

ADDA52.COM gives you the opportunity of trying your hands at online poker — a skill-based game which trains the brain in taking quick calls. It is an extensive strategy-based game but fun at the same time. The product is built keeping in mind the likes of both professionals and amateurs. So, go ahead and choose from one of the four variants of poker which you would like to play, help exercise your grey cells and have fun.

Become a millionaire by answering a few questions online. Every day, live quiz takes place twice a day — 1.30 pm and 10 pm and the questions revolve around topics such as food, culture, Bollywood, politics, etc. This will tickle your brain wires some more. Win cash rewards through this live trivia quiz and let that twinkle in your eyes sparkle a little more.

This age-old game is one of the well-known games to train your mind to strategise and foresee the move of others. Chess Free provides 12 levels, from novice to expert, and also offers tutorials and hints to climb up the levels. You can also challenge your friends and family and enjoy the mind churning game.

Give your mind a real workout with Sudoku and move up from beginner level to advanced. Identify your mistakes or let the computer assist you in highlighting the numbers that you have skipped. When on the move let your brain muscles exercise a bit and enhance logical thinking and memory with Sudoku. 

This game is based on the basics of Physics that are a part of common sense which we forget to apply. Let your brain learn to apply them without any books or those boring classes and give it a boost of logic by Brain it on. There are multiple ways of reaching the end point and you have to find the best path before your friends do. Make your brain muscles work harder and be the star in your own eyes.

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