Fitness must be a part of life: Adaa Khan

Amrita Prasad
Sunday, 25 June 2017

Naagin-actress Adaa Khan shares her fitness mantra

Adaa Khan is one actress whom we love to hate. Currently essaying the character of Shesha (Ruchika) — a shape shifting naagin in Colors TV’s Naagin, Adaa has portrayed a few grey characters in the past too. The gorgeous actress who has acted in shows like Amrit Manthan, Piya Basanti Re, Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil, Behenein and so on, started her career with modelling. With her radiant smile, great expressions and acting, she has become one of the most popular television actors today. Adaa is also known for her petite frame, glowing skin and fit body.

“I drink a  lot of water, sleep well and do power yoga which leads to a healthy mind and healthy body,” says the 28-year-old actress who swears by power yoga. Another workout that she loves is MMA (mixed martial arts) as it helps burn a lot of calories. Adaa, who sports a sculpted body, is not someone who likes going to the gym or doing weight training, because power yoga is the key to her fitness. “Initially, I used to do gym, but I realised that my body responds more to power yoga. I have lost 10 kg with the help of power yoga. Every body type is different, mine reacts to power yoga,” Adda adds. She feels that as an actor, it’s very important to look fresh on screen so besides workout, good nutritions and sleep are equally important.

The actress started working out after completing her Class X to shed all the baby fat because her mother did not want her to enter college as a chubby kid. Adaa kicks off her day with a glass of hot water with cinnamon or green tea and ensures that she sips it before she goes to sleep. The actor believes that bodies are made in the kitchen and not in the gym, and hence it is really important to eat right in order to have good body. Says she, “I have a tendency to put on weight as it is hereditary. Hence I need to watch my calories. I don’t diet but I eat home-made food since I have low blood pressure. The low carb and different diets don’t suit me, so I stick to ghar ka khana.”

Adaa believes in dividing her daily nutrition into five small meals a day. “I get some time between the shots and everyone associated with the show (Naagin) is diet conscious, hence it encourages me to pay more attention to what I eat. If you see people eating junk around you, you might get tempted, but I am lucky to have people who eat healthy!” she exclaims.

Fitness for me is: A lifestyle which you make and is super important to maintain.
My daily diet: Home-cooked food with a must-have non-vegetarian dish. I eat everything but within limits, very little of everything.
The importance of sleep: A minimum of six to eight hours of sleep is required for you to look fresh and be healthy.  If you don’t sleep well your face puffs up and you look really sleepy on-screen or at work.
My supplements include: Calcium, vitamin E, C.
The body part I love training: In power yoga, we work on different body parts like one does in the gym but we don’t use weights. I hate doing legs but I also love doing legs. The pain that you get the next day tells you that you have worked hard and I guess working on legs burns maximum calories.
The body part I hate training: I hate doing abs because it’s very painful and the next three to four days pain a lot.
My best body feature: I wouldn’t know; I think my fans should tell me that.
I was inspired to work out after looking at: My mother, she was a fitness freak. She went to the gym and did yoga and she did not like me being a chubby kid. My mother is my biggest inspiration and I am really thankful to her because she introduced me to fitness.
Fitness mistake one must never make:  I think people keep working out like crazy in the gym two-three times a day. There should be a dedicated time for workout. People take steroids and other things which are not safe.
On my cheat days, I like to indulge in: Cheesy pasta, ice cream, pastry.
Bollywood actors with the fittest body: Deepika Padukone.
The days I don’t workout I feel: Lethargic and feel like something is missing.
My tip for those aspiring to be fit: Fitness has to be a part of your life, because if you are not fit you won’t be happy.  A fit body leads to a happy life. You will be able to do more than you expected and you need to push yourself beyond limits.

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