A father’s word

Anjali Jhangiani
Friday, 16 June 2017

A day before Father’s Day, we went around asking men about the best advice they’ve got from their fathers

It is the father who teaches the son to be a man, he learns what he sees. Fathers play a major role in the type of man the son grows up to become. And if you ever want sound advice, your father is the person to seek out. The man usually has an opinion, which is correct most of the time, about everything under the sun — be it financial trouble or matters of the heart. Here, a few men talk about the best advice they’ve got from their fathers:

The golden rule is, ‘He who has the gold makes the rule.’ 
— Khodu Irani (restaurateur)

Never shave against the grain. 
— Siddhanth Kodlekere (student)

Work is prayer 
— Papa C J (comedian)

The right place to be in, is aukaat! 
– Samarth Mathur (student)

Animals will continue to cross over a busy road once they start, but humans will always be in two minds and mostly scamper back.
 – Karn Agarwal (banker)

Beer kya pite ho, Whisky Piyo 
– Saurabh Puri (software engineer)

Never ill treat or disrespect the girl that leaves her world for you. 
— Akkash Shah (choreographer)

No one is indispensable! He told me that the biggest mistake one can make is to think that they are indispensable. He said that even if he is no more today, we would survive! Obviously life will be difficult, but we will survive. Life goes on. 
— Arunim Dasgupta (software engineer)

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