Fantastic Four

Anjali Jhangiani
Monday, 26 June 2017

They have dreams for the future, and the confidence to fulfill them. Here’s chatting up some of the debutant models of the Lakme Fashion Week.

With every season of Lakme Fashion Week, the nationwide fashion industry inducts a few new models. Like any competition in the country, the selection process for this is grilling and demanding. Models have to stand out, push boundaries and eagerly go that extra mile to make an impression on the panel who collectively gives their consensus to select them. Here’s the awesome foursome who will be making their debut on the LFW ramp this upcoming season.

Nicole Padival has been drawn to the stage ever since she was a baby. “It started with my love for dance and eventually I found myself watching figure skating, F TV, and pageants and just loved the glamour of it all. My first dance teacher — M S Shreedhar, is a choreographer too and he’s the one who gave me the first push. I loved the heady rush it gave me and the fact that I was earning at such a young age wasn’t too bad either,” says Padival, who feels that having financial independence is of utmost importance in today’s day and age.

She too feels that the competition to be selected as one of the top four models at LFW was nerve wrecking. “So many beautiful girls and only a few spots to fill, my confidence was low. But it’s not about how you feel, it’s about what you portray. I stopped doubting myself and just believed that I was born to do this,” she recalls. As tough as it was, the experience has been a learning one for Padival. “It’s a great platform to showcase what you’re capable of and I plan on making the most of it.

Would love to make new friends, learn more about the industry and hopefully find my own niche. I don’t like thinking about the future too much, so I hope to be pleasantly surprised by whatever comes my way. I’m an over-thinker and that can be such an obstacle sometimes,” she says.

While ‘Take life as it comes’ is her new motto, Padival has some more pearls of wisdom to share for her peers. “Walk like you’re the queen of the entire world. Don’t try to be like anyone else and stop comparing yourself to others in the field. Everyone’s career is different and it may take longer to get where you want to be but when you do what you love, you’re going to love the journey,” she ends.

Do what you love — Daman Brar swears by this cliché. “The ramp is my dreamland. Modelling is my passion. It gives me satisfaction and contentment at the end of the day. Nothing is more fulfilling,” says Brar, who still needs to pinch herself to realise that she is actually living her dream.

Getting selected as one of the top four models did boost her confidence but Brar is looking forward to learning from the best in the industry through participating in this week-long event.

“LFW would be a learning school. I am looking forward to learning every bit about the fashion industry. I look forward to meeting and speaking with various models who have been associated with it for a while and talking to them about their journey which will in turn help me understand and carve my journey better. I am expecting much more learning, from getting better with my walk to adapting the amazing attitude that the senior models carry. I would like to work with designers who have been associated with the industry for long, Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, and Anita Dongre to name a few,” says Brar, who is armed with a piece of advice that will always have her back on the ramp. “To walk with confidence is the best advice I have got, and I follow it,” she says.

To wear garments crafted by the most skilled designers in the world and walk the ramp in them to show to the world how gorgeous you look — who wouldn’t want that? There’s no arguing with Roshmitha Harimurthy that modelling is awesome. “I enjoy walking the ramp and I get an opportunity to showcase beautiful garments by few of the finest designers in our country,” says Harimurthy justifying her career choice. Strenuous and quite draining, the selection process for the prestigious fashion event was a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience.

“My experience was wonderful! Girls from across the nation came to audition for LFW and knowing that I got selected amongst the lot makes me feel extremely happy,” she says.

“I learnt that you don’t just need good cat walking skills but also a good personality,” says Harimurthy, who is looking forward to meet and work with all the eminent designers from the industry. She believes that LFW is a launch pad for her career in this industry, but too much is happening too fast for her. “I don’t know what’s in store for me. I’m just planning on enjoying this fabulous experience and going with the flow,” says Harimurthy.

As a fresher, Kiyara wanted to do something that will allow her to pursue her passion. “I realised that modelling is something I’m made for and I’m passionate about,” says Kiyara, who made her way to the top four and was selected to walk the ramp for the fashion week. She claims that the competition was tougher because she was completely new to the industry. “I learnt to never give up, be confident and to do things my way and sashay the ramp in my style rather than copying someone,” says Kiyara who used her freshness to make a mark for herself in front of the judges.

Though this is her first stint in modelling, she realises that it is a chance that she needs to make the most of. “It’s a big platform with many opportunities and a lot of exposure. I wish to walk for Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi,” she says.

She doesn’t have a game plan, of sorts, for her career, but she is certain that the magnanimity of this platform will open up various opportunities for her. And to make sure she’s always on the right track, she will abide by the advice given to her by her mother. “The best modelling advice I’ve ever got is from my mother, which is to have patience, be disciplined, professional and passionate about all that I put in,” she signs off.

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