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Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 18 March 2018

Harman Singha talks about his upcoming show on Indian submarines

The Indian Submarines is celebrating 50 glorious years of existence and of securing the nation’s waterfronts. What would be a better celebration than by showcasing a TV series on the underwater warriors of the Indian Navy?

Discovery India is launching a special series on the Indian Submariners called Breaking Point: The Indian Submariners. The special four-part series gives the viewer a window into the world of complex, high-technology submarines and the submariners, who acquire their strength from stealth in a very colloquial manner, through the eyes of a common man.  Harman Singha will show us what it really is to be on a submarine and what it is like to be a submariner. He tells us what it was like to be a part of the show.

Harman believes that most of the Indians don’t know much about the armed forces and the machinery they use; more specifically, very little is known about the submariners because of which he says that this is the best way to generate awareness among people. 

“Looking at the machines from a common man’s point of view makes it not only interesting to watch but also eases down the understanding of the complicated machinery,” says Harman. Talking about his experience while shooting for the show he said that since he worked in the Merchant Navy for sometime, being surrounded by water did not bother him at all. 

“I am now immune to claustrophobia which proved to be really helpful for me while shooting,” he says, adding that though he does not have claustrophobia, being on the surface of water and being submerged underwater is completely different, which is a thing he had to deal with.

When asked about what made him take up the show, he says, “This was my way of giving back to the society, to the people who protect us,” he adds. “Having a family belonging to the Army, it was always a dream to wear that uniform and the show was just a medium for me to live my dream,” explains Harman.

Recalling his experience in a submarine, he says, “Although submariners are surrounded by water at all times, people do not know that there is very little water available in the vessel, because of which we were not allowed to bathe and shave for days,” he says. An interesting fact about submarines is that the oxygen is also made inside the vessel. He says that every single person in the vessel is extremely alert, and constantly monitoring since it is a very high-risk profession.

He believes that it is really sad that joining the armed forces theses days has become a back-up plan for the youth of India because they are more focused on getting a job in the private sector. He says that the youth need to realise that there is pride in joining the armed forces and serving the nation.

When asked what he has learned  from his overall experience of spending time in the submarine, Harman says, “I have definitely become a little more mentally strong. Being a part of the show was definitely a satisfying experience for me and moreover it gave me an insight on how the security forces work. Facing challenges and spending time in the submarine has enabled me to push my limits further.” 

“The friendships I made while I was on the show are going to last forever,” he says and concludes.

Breaking Point: The Indian Submariners will air on Discovery India from March 19, every Monday 9 pm

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