Eating clean helps the planet stay healthy and remain green

Alisha Shinde
Friday, 13 March 2020

Clean Food Movement has been started to bring together a community of people who believe clean food is a way of life. Surya Shastry shares more about this initiative.

Eating the right food comes with a lot of benefits. It keeps you healthy, and also makes you feel calm and relaxed. No matter what your goals are, eating clean can bring about a revolutionary change in your lifestyle with visible results. Today, when most shelves, be it at home or even at the supermarket, are stocked with processed and refined food,  dietary trends have been altered. Processed food has a negative effect on the body. It is high time we started focusing on what we eat.  

Phalada Pure & Sure, a Bengaluru-based organic food brand, recently launched Clean Food Movement,,  to raise awareness about clean food and the way food is consumed, and also to bring together a community of people who believe clean food is a way of life. Managing director of the brand, Surya Shastry, points out that the movement has stemmed from a belief that everyone deserves clean food which is free from chemicals, pollutants and harmful additives. 

“The movement aims to bring together like-minded individuals, communities, restaurants, not-for-profit bodies, doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, fitness enthusiasts, parents and followers of zero-waste lifestyle, and organisations that care about clean food and the environment,” he says.

The movement will also reach out to children and their parents to initiate dialogue over clean eating habits as it is important to be aware of the food consumed on a daily basis.

Shastry tells us more about the initiative and a few practices which can help you eat clean.  

Know the source 
In the past few years, people around the world have started talking about consuming organic food, which is of course a good thing. “A healthy way of eating food is not only having organic food but also knowing from where it has been sourced,” says Shastry suggesting that the best way to eat clean is to have locally grown organic food which is free of insecticides, pesticides and any artificial ingredient. It all comes down to sustainable and clean products, which in the long run, also have a good effect on the economy. 

You also need to reflect on the fact that most of the diseases in the world have something to do with what you consume and how you consume. “Consuming clean food has become extremely necessary and it is every individual’s responsibility to check what goes into their food and if the ingredients are harmful or not. If yes, then your job is to find alternatives,” says Shastry. 

Processed food is easy to consume but they do have a lot of preservatives and additives which could be unhealthy. 

Visit Farmers’ market 
If you want to live a healthy life, the first step is to start eating clean, but where do you start? Shastry says that making any lifestyle change is not easy, however, it is not impossible. Start by visiting a local farmers’ market, interact with the farmers and find out more about seasonal vegetables and fruits. 

“Eating clean is mostly about consuming seasonal vegetables and fruits. Although it is in vogue to consume exotic produce and also certain fruits and vegetables are now available throughout the year, you need to know that they are genetically modified. So you need to be careful when making the choice” he says. 

Living in a fast paced world makes it easy for most to consume packaged food. However, while doing so it is extremely important to start paying attention to the food labels available on the packets. Shastry suggests taking a detailed look at the amount of calories, trans fats, fats, nutrients, sugar, artificial taste enhancers, preservatives, additives etc. The catch here is looking for artificial ingredients and then deciding what you want to eat.   

Help the planet 
A happy planet means happy people. Shastry points out that the way food is consumed around the world has economic and social impact. “It is a known fact that consuming seasonal and organic foods support the farming community which is the need of the hour,” says the managing director. He also points out that consuming imported and exotic fruits and vegetables specific to a country or region adds to carbon footprint. Eating clean helps the planet stay healthy and remain green

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