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Debarati Palit
Saturday, 16 December 2017

Pramod Nambiar, manager, Green Fingers Landscapers, says that one can opt for outdoor plants as an alternative to Christmas trees

What if you can’t get your hands on a real Christmas tree and don’t want to go for a fake one? There’s always an alternative. The whole purpose is to give a Christmas feel to your home with a decorative plant. There are several other plants, which look similar to a Christmas tree and will also give the same festive look and feel. One needs to plan in advance on the kind of plant needed.

Opt for outdoor plants
Pramod Nambiar, head, projects and commercials, Green Fingers Landscapers Pvt Ltd, believes, “While nothing can replace a real Christmas tree, you can opt for other indoor and outdoor plants. There are a few outdoor plants which look quite similar to Christmas trees”. He advises, “You need plants that are narrow at the top and broad at the bottom to give that kind of feel.”

He says that Cypress tree, Thuja Occidentallis, Melaleuca Gold Crest, Terminalia Ivorensis and Cedrus are some of the outdoor plants that one can use as options. “Indoor plants are also an obvious choice as they can sustain in partial sunlight available in galleries or windows. It also depends on where you are intending to keep your plants. Outdoor plants will not die if you keep them indoor for five to ten days. They just need a bit of sunlight,” he explains.

Don’t over burden the plant
These plants are usually decorated with garlands and evergreen foliage. People often tie small ornaments to the delicate branches, and add lights to them. But Nambiar says that one needs to be careful while decorating the plants. “Don’t over burden or overload the plant with decorative items. A natural plant has got its own strength and shape. In case you over burden the tip of the branch, then the foliage will bend down. This will make the plant look awkward in shape. Decorate it lightly to give it a natural effect,” he cautions. He adds that artificial plants can take the weight of decorative items but not real plants.
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