Digitally yours

Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 13 February 2018

You don’t have to be next to your loved one to celebrate V-Day. Here are a few couples who will be together via digital media.

It’s time to buy the roses, put on the best clothes, spray the perfume and look into the mirror for the nth time, just to make sure that the strand of hair isn’t sticking out or the lipstick isn’t bleeding. After all it’s Valentine’s Day and you need to look smoking hot  for your date. But what if you can’t do all of this and yet want to celebrate today with your loved one without having him or her next to you. Elementary, my dear Watson: Just go digital. 

We talk to couples who are away from each other, may be for work, study or other engagements, however, will celebrate the spirit of V-Day and keep its essence. 

Different time zones
Radhika Parashar, a content analyst, says, “My boyfriend is studying in the UK and I am the one who usually is adjusting my sleep clock according to his timings.” But on the day of love, her boyfriend is ready to follow Indian standard time for his lady love. “We are going to catch up with each at dinner,” says Parashar explaining that both of them will be together via video call and have dinner together even though both of them are in different time zones.  

Cutting travel time
Even though Juhie Bhardwaj and her boyfriend live in Delhi, they can’t meet on V-day. “By the time I get done with work and navigate the roads, I will be tired and won’t be able to enjoy my dinner date,” she says. They have decided to catch up digitally this year. “We’ll sync up on social media and today being Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend will be the first person I talk to and the last one as well,” she says adding that they will celebrate it together and in a more grand way over the weekend when they both have an off from work. 

Spilling out the password
“Besides my girlfriend, the one dear thing that I have in my life is Netflix,” says Hunaid Wajihi. So this Valentine’s Day, Wajihi has decided to share his Netflix password with his girlfriend. “My girlfriend has convinced me to watch all the cheesy Bollywood movies along with me this Valentine’s Day and that is what we will be doing,” says he adding that he has guarded his Netflix password with all his might for a very long time, but now he believes that his time is up. “This is my way of showing my love to my girlfriend,” he says. 

Going vintage 
Sruti Chakraborty, who hails from Kolkata and is currently based in Delhi, says, “I knew that I would not be able to go home this Valentine’s Day.” Which is not to say that she has no plans. “I have already written emails for my partner and have timed them so that they reach him on Valentine’s Day,” she says, adding that the mails will have a special memory of things they have done in the past since the time they got together.  

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