Determination makes everything easy

Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 18 March 2018

City youth Ruturaj Waje explains the efforts he took to achieve his dream physique

We know of so many youngsters, who put up posters of models with perfect set of abs and biceps, on their bedroom walls. The youngsters admire the physiques of those models and dream of building up their body. For many, that just stays a dream, but there are a few who actually work hard to achieve that. Ruturaj Waje is one of them.

“Fitness for me has always been motivation-driven,” says Waje, adding, “In early days, I was inspired to have a fitter body looking at my friends. I was also encouraged by reading about people who transformed their bodies. They have encouraged me to be a better person physically every single day.”

The city youngster believes that achieving a dream body is very easy if you are determined enough. It’s never too late to start working on your body; begin with simple exercises, till your body gets used to them. “Once you know that your body is responding positively, then you can move to the intensive workout,” he adds. 

Talking about the type of exercise he is into, Waje says that to build up and maintain abs, he follows a strict regime consisting of chest press, abs-dedicated workout and strong and heavy lifts. He closely follows the Dave Draper workout that has been curated for muscle toning and nutrition recovery. Dave Draper also deals with joint injuries which result because of freak accidents caused at gyms. 

“To achieve optimal gains, it is necessary to train each and every muscle. It leads to a higher rate of muscle building. I also follow the T-nation workout which does not require any type of weight lifting. It is more of a natural training in which I practise punches and roping. This again boosts the muscle growth and also optimises energy,” explains the 23-year-old. 

Waje strikes a cautionary note about consuming supplements and protein powder. “It is necessary to know about the ingredients and their components because they do not suit everyone. Some even have banned components in them. Whenever you consume protein powder and supplements, it is important to break them down in the gym. One should never let it settle inside the body.” 

He also talks about the myth that, to achieve a lean and toned body, one has to skip meals.

“That is just a myth which has been going around for a very long time. It is extremely important to not skip meals. Instead you should make it a point to eat healthy and in proportion. Fitness should not be about restricting yourself from eating, but eating smart. I have noticed that the more I eat, the more energy I have for workout,” says Waje as he signs off. 

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