Destiny has plans, believe it!

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Anchor and Emcee Mona Dethe talks about how she found her calling

I was born and brought up in Lonavala. My father was an auditor and my mother taught in a junior college. Right from my childhood, I was taught the importance of being disciplined and leading a life with dignity. My parents took great efforts to inculcate values in me. 

I am a creative person. I learnt to play piano. Writing was my passion. I would write about the day-to-day events, scripts for stage and theatre, and blogs. Being a Christian, I would get many opportunities to perform on the stage. I would perform in Gospel events. Gradually, stage became a good friend of mine. 

My parents suggested I take up Commerce. I agreed and graduated from the Ness Wadia College of Commerce. Later, I completed my post graduation in Management and started working as an HR. Also, I worked as a counsellor in a Visa office. 

But at that point I felt there was something missing in my life, and that was satisfaction. The media industry was flourishing then and I realised that this was something that fascinated me always. So I applied for broadcasting and event management studies. 

They say that every person comes in your life for a reason. I realised this was true when I met Vikram Gujjar, an event manager. Gauging my personality and vocabulary skills, he gave me a chance to anchor a rock show. This is how I got my first break in the year 2010. 

I enjoyed it and hence decided to work professionally as an anchor. I trained myself and accordingly developed an impressive public image. My upbringing and values helped me a lot to carry myself with dignity. I am one of those rare anchors who is comfortable conducting shows in English, Hindi and Marathi. I have hosted more than 800 events till date which include musical shows, corporate events, sports events, etc. Also, I have established a company,  Mona Dethe Operations, through which I produce talk shows, TV shows and films. I also conduct training programmes on personality and soft skills. 

In this course of my journey, I learnt that destiny has plans for you. All you have to do is have faith, and accept everything that comes in your path. Carry yourself so well that nobody questions your character and don’t agree to do those things which your heart does not approve.

— As told to Sayali Duraphe

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