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Debarati Palit Singh
Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Designer Pallavi Goyal, who has launched her new store at Kala Ghoda, talks about how she likes to stick to classics and why it’s all about comfort when wearing party or bridal wear

Designer Pallavi Goyal has created a niche for herself in the Mumbai fashion circuit. She specialises in bridal wear for millennials and also party wear. Recently, she launched a new store at the iconic Rhythm House, Kala Ghoda. “Now that I have opened my store at Rhythm House, I would like to be remembered as an iconic designer,” she says and smiles. The launch of the store was attended by Bollywood celebrities like Asha Bhat, Elena Fernandez, Anupriya Goenka and Toranj Kayvon, among others. Here, Goyal tells us more about her collections and fashion philosophy. 
A big fan of classics 
Goyal has always been a big fan of classics. Though trends keep changing, the designer likes to stick to  classics. “My collections are wearable in a world that’s going crazy with drapes and cuts. I like to stick to classics because I want my customers to enjoy the outfit for a longer period of time,” she says. 

But in today’s day and age when everything is about the ‘latest trend’, sticking to classics must be a challenging job. “In fact, it’s easy,” says Goyal, adding, “There is a dearth of people wearing classics today. That’s what my clients tell me. When they walk into my store, they are like, ‘Finally, we found someone who does intricate bodice, simple cuts’. An average Indian woman does not have a model-like figure, so keeping that in mind, I design my clothes, and I am doing pretty well for myself.” 

A lot of young brides prefer her designs because her garments do not make them look like a Christmas tree. “My garments are always very underdone. I visualise the person with the garment, make-up, jewellery, and if they look good together,” she says.    

Her designs have evolved a lot since she began her journey. “They have evolved because of learning. I started off small and now I do everything from semi couture to couture to bridal,” says Goyal who started working in the fashion industry at the age of 15.  

Balancing it
Big designers and fashion houses today are harping on creating designs which are trendy yet wearable. Goyal says, “I don’t think making trends wearable is difficult. It’s a little tweak here and there. Like I said, some people go crazy with cuts and I appreciate it because it’s not easy to do. But when I am designing something, I look at it as a client and see if I am comfortable in it. Will I enjoy wearing it more or will I repeat it more.” 

A big factor that influences fashion today is social media. “People will wear something and they will put it up on Instagram and Facebook to garner ‘likes’. So if you are wearing something which is over-the-top, you cannot repeat it. However, classics can be draped differently and the outfits will look very elegant and stylish,” says Goyal who recreates age-old craft along with artisans from various regions of the country.

From French Royals to palestinian churches 
After successfully launching the dreamy Khwabeeda collection, which explored Goyal’s fascination for petit point embroidery and was inspired by the historic designs of the royal families of France, she is all set to unveil a new collection, Rang Dar Sheesha, which draws inspiration from the beautiful stained-glass windows that have awed and inspired many for ages. 

“This collection is a continuation from Khwabeeda. It is inspired by the Palestinian churches but I have given an Indian touch to it, which our brides would like to wear,” she says adding, “This also shows my journey as a designer. I will soon line up the third collection which will be a continuation of Rang Dar Sheesha.” 

Comfort comes first
More than following trends, what Goyal feels is that one should choose comfortable clothes even if it’s a special occasion. “And I am not just talking about Indian brides but even the guests should feel at ease. We are so used to wearing comfortable clothing in Western wear or stuff we wear daily. When it comes to party or bridal wear too, people should keep the comfort factor in mind. The outfits become much easier to handle and not too much of a fuss. A comfortable and confident person always looks prettier,” she says. 

Talking about colours that are flavours of the season, she says that right now ‘dusky pastels’ are in. “The earthy kind of pastels are in vogue this season,” she concludes.    

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