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Alisha Shinde
Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Lovell Prabhu, choreographer and show director of forthcoming Sakal Times Couture Weekend, gives us a sneak peek into the show and why it will be a one-of-a-kind experience for designers and guests

After the success of the second edition of Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra, Sakal Times is all set to take Punekars on a journey of glitz, glamour and fashion with Sakal Times Couture Weekend. The three-day fashion show, which will take place at Amanora The Fern Hotels & Clubs, Hadapsar, from April 26 to 28, is inviting designers to register and be a part of this celebration of fashion. Sakal Times will select nine designers who will get a chance to showcase their collection at the fashion event and will have an opportunity to display their work for 12 minutes on the ramp with models walking in their creations.
Lovell Prabhu, choreographer and show director of Sakal Times Couture Weekend, tell us what is in store for the fashionistas in the city.

Sakal Times Couture Weekend will be a one-of-a-kind fashion weekend because the essence of the show is extremely local. Talking about why designers should be a part of this three-day fashion extravaganza, Prabhu says, “Pune is a city that is bustling with a lot of cultural talent and it is the same when it comes to designers. At such events, an artist can grow and make an impact on people.”  

Sakal Times Couture Weekend is not your regular couture show. “It will be a one-of-a-kind experience not only for designers but for the guests as well,” he says adding that the Couture Weekend will be a place where people can come to explore the fashion scene in Pune and get to know more about current trends. “Moreover, it is a platform where people can get together to enjoy fashion and know about their local designers who they can then visit for all their design needs in the future,” says he adding that this is the very reason the show wants to showcase Puneri designers or designers who have a certain presence in the city. 

“Because the designers are from Pune, we can expect the fashion event to have hyper-local designs, designs that will appeal to Punekars and clothes that will be wearable and not just ramp appropriate,” says Prabhu, adding that Sakal Times, which is organising the event, will also be allotting exhibition space to all the designers, where they can put up their clothes for sale. “At these stalls, people can interact with the designers, know more about their creations and even buy the clothes that they like,” he says. 

He also mentions that the exhibition on all three days will open from 11 am and close just before the designers display their collection on the ramp. The ramp sequence will take place from 7.30 to 9 pm. “The sequence timing will be planned in such a way that three designers can showcase their collections on one day,” he says.

Prabhu says that all other things such as make-up and models, both male and female, will be provided by the organisers, so all that the designers need to provide are the clothes. “The criteria is such that each designer is expected to display a total of 24 to 35 garments which can be exclusively for men or women, or a mix of both,” he says. When asked what kind of clothing collection the event is looking at, Prabhu says that the designers are expected to showcase bridal, summer and festive wear. 
Prabhu concludes by saying that Sakal Times Couture Weekend is going to be a platform where people will connect over fashion. 

So if you are a fashion designer and looking for the right platform to show your talent, Sakal Times Couture Weekend can be your gateway to success.

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