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Amrita Prasad
Friday, 22 December 2017

With different hair, beard and eyebrow trends inspiring you to try new things, it is time to turn yourself into a Christmas tree by simply getting a little more creative

Why stick to only decorating your Christmas tree when you can dress yourself into one! Christmas is no more just about wearing red dresses or jumpers paired with white bottoms — it is time to get a little experimental and crazy — it has a lot to do with trying out new looks and surprising others with interesting appearances. Here’s how you can imbibe the elements of the Christmas tree in your look:

While a beard adds sophistication to a man’s overall appearance, during the holidays, it’s a great idea to  try decking it up. Christmas being a time to rejoice and spread cheer, it makes a great idea to turn your beard into a Christmas tree. Mayur Sharma, a Kolkata-based hairstylist who specialises in men’s hairstyles, says that after Movember (No shave November), the Yuletide-inspired facial hair is gaining momentum, especially in the West. “The beard trend gives men the scope to tryout new things and adds some fun element to their appearance. A few years ago glitter beards were a huge trend and social media was flooded with pictures of men sporting glitter beards. What began with a London-based advertising agency inventing beard baubles as a decoration for their company Christmas card, has become a big hit on social media. Many Instagrammers are seen posting pictures with beard baubles on,” says Sharma.

Another fun way to style your beard this season is to use twinkling fairy lights to turn your it into a mobile Christmas tree. “Well, it sounds a bit weird but the result is absolutely cool. Men with long beards can attach colourful, battery-operated, fairy lights and wear a Santa cap for the festive look. I recommend using batter-operated lights because they are safe and they allow you to move around freely,” says Sharma.

Now this is something only those who have long hair and are willing to experiment can try. By using few items lying around in the house, you can actually carry a Christmas tree on your head. The video of a woman who makes Christmas tree with her long hair has been trending for a while now. All you need are plastic cups, bobby pins, tree ornaments, hairspray and so on. Here’s how you can create the look:

- Take a large plastic cup and wrap green construction paper around it to form a cone. Tape it together and tuck the ends into the opening of the cup.
- Place the cone like a birthday hat on the top of the head.
- Gather the hair around the cone in an upright ponytail. It helps to add hairspray and gel as you brush upward into the ponytail. Once it’s gathered at the top, put a hair tie/rubberband around the top of the cone.
- Keep spraying hairspray as you gently comb hair upward, making sure to cover any gaps in the hair.
- Spray with green temporary hair colouring. Once it starts looking opaque green, finish it with some gold glitter hairspray.
- Now take the mini garland and wrap it around the ‘tree’, pinning it with bobby pins as you go and then hook a few ornaments onto the garland.
- Now wrap one more hair tie on top of the tree, tucking the stray hair in, then pin a star to the hair ties.
- Spray the hair ties and pins with green paint to hide them. Add one more quick coat of glitter for extra sparkle factor.

If you have been a fan of unicorn and rainbow eyeshadow trends, the latest Christmas tree brow will certainly give new wings to your creativity. With Christmas celebrations in full swing, it calls for you to go out of your way to show the world that you can do a lot with your face, make-up and certainly with the brows. “After the beauty blogger from Canada (taytay_xx) posted  a picture of herself with Christmas tree brows and a short tutorial, it instantly became a rage among those who love experimenting with makeup. It just takes a couple of minutes, minimal items and tons of craziness to turn your brows into trees. However, my suggestion would be to use red lipstick on your lips for a more defined look and you are ready to grab eyeballs,” suggests makeup artist Saima Sheikh, a Delhi-based makeup artist who runs Glam n Glitter makeup studio. Here are the DIY instructions by Sheikh for you to try.

・Apply some petroleum jelly on your eyebrows, followed by dark eyebrow pencil. This will make your brows look thick and bushy. Those who haven’t gone for threading in the last 15-20 days will be able to achieve the best results because the thicker your eyebrows, the better the Christmas tree looks.
・Apply white highlighter below your eyebrows. Use an eyebrow brush to brush your brows. With the help of the tip, create a  mid parting, followed by making sections in your eyebrows and branch them out like a tree. Petroleum jelly will help the hair stay in the shape that you’ve given.

Now select a few embellishments such as sequins, stars, glitters and and stick-on particles and start sticking them on your brows. With the help of a tweezer, stick sequins in different colours, but ensure that the usage of red, green and gold is in abundance for that Christmas feel. For a more detailed look, you can also make starts with white eyeliner. Complete the look by dusting some glitters.

You can do your eyes and use mascara, and liner to define your eyes but avoid using eyeshadow. In case you do, stick to a nude shade.

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