Dear Daddy

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Friday, 14 June 2019

Ahead of Father’s Day, we bring you a list of movies that will make you snuggle up to your dad and tell him how glad you are to have him as a parent

Unnoticed and unappreciated, our dear fathers are often at the mercy of Father’s Day for us to truly value them. While you can always go and wrap them in a tight hug to tell them how much you love them, here’s a list of movies you can watch together to celebrate the beautiful bond you have. 

Disclaimer: Keep some tissues handy as this list may leave you and your dad all misty-eyed.

Incredibles 2
Rewriting the definition of what fatherhood could mean in the modern family space, Incredibles 2 gave us an all-new stay-at-home dad to celebrate. We know what you’re thinking — is it going to be the usual stereotypical father who struggles with chores and parental responsibilities? Of course not! Bob is a refreshing manifestation of fatherhood who knows more than just the way around the cursed diaper. In Violet’s words, he’s not a “good” dad, he is “super”. Tune into Star Movies to watch the television premiere of Incredibles 2 on June 23.

The Lion king
“Remember who you are!” We’re sure you said that in a brawny, hoarse voice just like Mufasa. Nothing sums up a father-son relationship like this legendary masterpiece. From instilling discipline into the cub very early to protecting him fearlessly in the face of death, Mufasa is the leader of the greatest dad-force, if that is even a thing. But most importantly, doesn’t that resonate with every dad ever? He is tough, he is rough, but our love for him can never be enough. The good news for all you is that the live-action remake of The Lion King is set to hit theaters this July, so mark your calendars right away, but in the mean time, catch up on the old classic. 

Imagine a muscle bound dad, a retired CIA field agent to be precise, who loves his teen daughter. Now what if you mess with the only family he has? He will look for you. He will find you. And he will kill you. This legendary badass shows what it’s really like to be a dad and from what we’ve seen in the film Taken, it definitely isn’t easy. The film follows the tale of Bryan Mills, a divorcee, who goes after his daughter, Kim post her abduction from her holiday where she is captured by the Albanian sex trafficking ring. A go-to film for lovers of thrill and action.

Finding Nemo
Marlin makes the best dad in the sea, fins down! As nurturing and caring as one could be, this clownfish did the most dad-thing ever — went to great lengths (quite literally actually) to protect and find his baby fish, Nemo. Just like any Indian dad, he is a worrywart who tries to keep his kid away from plausible ocean-ly dangers. Finding Nemo hits us with our darkest fear. The fear of losing family. Although just a small fish in the vast open sea, Marlin is a dauntless heart who kept his promise of not letting anything happen to his son. Relatable much? A must watch this Father’s Day for its great story telling, fun adventure and the pure father-son love that has you fishing (oops, wishing) for more.

Eighth Grade
Raising a girl who just turned 13 can be daunting. More so, when done singlehandedly by a father! Eighth Grade, the 2018 drama film, will get you right in the feels, showing a father doing his best when his girl is transitioning into adulthood. Obviously, this transition is full of hiccups but that is where the drama amplifies. By the end, Kayla with the help of her dad, survives the gigantic wave of puberty and gets past her disastrous year at middle school. An interesting watch for young dads. 

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