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Debarati Palit
Sunday, 11 February 2018

IT professional Rahul Patil believes that if one does not indulge in some kind of physical activity or exercise in a day, their day is wasted

For IT professional Rahul Patil a healthy lifestyle has become ‘way of life’. The 30-something associate manager not only works out regularly but has also adopted healthy eating habits. “I started working out when I was in college. It slowly became an important part of my day and my life,” says Patil. He adds that since his school days, he has been part of various sports activities including cricket, shooting and swimming. “Because of my association with sports, I like to be fit. I am passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle.”

Inspite of his long hours of work, Patil says he still takes out time to workout, which can become difficult sometimes. “It requires a lot of effort, but then I believe that if you have interest or are passionate about something, you always find time to follow it. The same is with working out. I believe that if you do not do some kind of physical activity or exercise in a day, your day is wasted. You need to do some kind of exercise every day,” he says.

Till a few years back, the IT professional used to workout at the gym regularly even though he returned late from his shift. But now he prefers working out at home and goes running in the morning. “Four days a week, I wake up between 5 -5.30 am and go for running. The rest of days, I do various types of exercises like upper body, lower body and weight lifting. I concentrated on exercises which are easily possible without much fuss,” says Patil, who has created a mini gym at his house. “If I go to my village or off-site, like I went to Brno for six months, I carried my gym equipments. They were the first things I packed for the trip,” he adds.

Patil says that because he has been working out for many years, he knows what kind of workout is good for his health. “I also follow YouTube channels too in case I need to target a specific body part,” he says. But is it difficult to motivate himself while working out at home? “Not at all. I am self-motivated and realise that for my fitness and well-being, I need to keep working out. Even if your doctor recommends you to workout and you are not self-motivated, you will not go to the gym more than few weeks. It has to come from within,” he says.

“We sit in front of our computers for almost 12 hours which takes a toll on our body so I have made small little changes in my lifestyle. Lifestyle diseases are the highest among IT professionals but I am trying to push those diseases. As far as possible, I do not use the lift. If I have work with someone, I walk up to the person, I use the far end washroom, water tank and canteen. I get down from the bus a few stops away from home so that I can take a walk,” he says.

Patil says that he doesn’t follow any diet chart but eats the right kind of food in moderate quantities.

“I don’t eat fatty and oily stuff. I also avoid fast food like pizzas or burgers. I keep drinking lukewarm water throughout the day. I have kept biscuits in office so that I don’t go hungry for too long. In case I’m very hungry, I opt for fruits,” he says.

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