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Amrita Prasad
Friday, 15 December 2017

A dockyard-themed restaurant The Dokk, Community Bar, is the perfect place to chill out with friends and family

At The Dokk, Community Bar, you get a feel of taking a voyage on a cruise liner. Amazing cocktail and mocktail options, loads of board games and darts, a DJ playing different genres of music and scrumptious world cuisine —  the dockyard-themed restaurant on Boat Club Road offers all this and more.  

The ambience is extremely comforting. While the indoor seating area has an amazing bar, beautiful chandeliers, a live music stage, bar chairs, the outdoors with a huge sit-down area give an extremely casual, warm and fun feel and also allow you to relish food from the live counter. 

A part of the décor is the different parts of shipping vessels used in a quirky and happy way to add to the fun quotient of the place. A mural of a shrimp, a scuba diver in gear, a lighthouse, swimming rings and other sea elements also enhance the decor.    
Last Sunday afternoon when we visited The Dokk, we opted for the outdoor seating area to enjoy the winter air.  We loved the feeling of sipping Classic Mojito and Fruit Punch while enjoying the mild afternoon sun.

Giving us an introduction about the place, Ashutosh Joshi, operations partner, The Dokk, and co-founder, The Little Next Door,  said, “The Dokk is aimed at creating magic with the concept of a community bar, hence good times and good vibes are guaranteed here. We are going with the tagline ‘Tapas, Tandoor, and Tempura’. Tapas signifies Mediterranean food, Tandoor stands for Indian cuisine and Tempura for Oriental fare.

If you see, all of them are starters and come in three different categories. Keeping the fact that a sailor travels to different parts of the world and tries various types of cuisines across the globe, we have curated the menu in such a way that there’s something from each region. But it’s not just food from different coastal regions, it’s from all over,” explains Joshi. 

Talking about the drinks, Joshi goes on to say that although the drinks are mentioned in a simple way in the menu, they are served in an imaginative way and have a twist. “Most of the cocktails will be served to you in either in a slush or in the form of a Popsicle. So the trick is in the presentation and we are also using a lot of fresh ingredients in most of our cocktails to give you a very warm and fresh feel,” he adds. 

The Dokk is open from 11 am to 1.30 am. The place also has some great offers — the Lazy Lunch from Monday to Friday (between 1 and 4 pm) which is a set menu with unlimited mocktails and Sunday Lunch (between 12 noon and 5 pm) which has a live counter and gives you the feeling of a backyard party.  

Among the starters we had, Cottage Cheese Shashlik (soft and creamy pieces of paneer clubbed with capsicum, onion and tomato and skewered on a grill) had a slight sweet and tangy flavour; Popeyes’ Kebab (perfectly grilled spinach and corn kebabs); and Crispy Veg (soft vegetables, coated and deep fried with spicy schezwan sauce and served hot). 

We also ordered Watermelon Martini and Long Island Beach Tea (Cranberry instead of Coke in the Long Island Mix), and simply loved the coolers. Here, we must tell you that the drinks are reasonably priced and the place has amazing offers everyday between 12 noon and 10 pm, when you get one drink free with every drink you order. 

The main course offered as a buffet had Double Daal Double Tadka (a classic blend of two lentils, tempered twice and infused with garlic and cheese), Chicken Rassa Masala (minced and diced chicken cooked to perfection with Indian spices, served with Jeera Rice (long grain Basmati rice cooked gently and tempered with cumin) or Steamed Rice or Roti which made for a flavourful Sunday meal. 

If you want a lighter meal, opt for White Sauce Pasta (penne) or the non-vegetarian version of the pasta in pink sauce. 

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