Coronavirus Outbreak: How this Pune man is lending a helping hand to senior citizens!

Tania Roy
Thursday, 19 March 2020

Coronavirus has indeed brought the world together. To help the senior citizens during this time of crisis, Nikhil Shah, co-founder of Pune Running Group, has put up a post on Facebook saying how he is willing to run errands for them.

Coronavirus has brought the world together. We are all united in our fight against the disease and helping each other in whatever way we can. Nikhil Shah, co-founder of Pune Running Group, has lent a helping hand by putting up a post on Facebook on Wednesday morning. His post read:

“I f you have any isolated older parents/ grandparents here who need anything picked up and delivered from a grocery store/pharmacy, let me know.

Obviously, I will just drop off at door and will wear gloves
My numbers: 8275203700 / 9595344500.”

It may be a small gesture but little acts of kindness can help humanity in this darkest hour. 

“At other times, I have been taking care of my friend’s parents who live in Pune. My friend lives in the USA, so I visit his parents occasionally, asking them if they require any kind of assistance and also run errands if the need arises,” says Shah. 

Although his recent Facebook post mentions that he can pick up and deliver grocery/ pharmacy items for senior citizens, Shah is willing to lend an ear to them as well. 

“When you are quarantined you may feel depressed or anxious, so besides helping them with everyday essentials, I am also willing to take their calls and talk to them. Talking to someone about your anxiety can help relieve the stress,” says Shah. 

The pandemic has compelled us to stay home, and restrict our movements and activities, which hasn’t gone down well with all. Not everyone thinks that such measures are needed.

“There is a negative feeling amongst people who are complaining about the quarantine. But I feel the government is doing its best to tackle the situation. Instead of complaining, the citizens should comply with the directives and adhere to the safety measures. People shouldn’t act over smart; they should pay heed to the expert advice,” says Shah, adding, “You must not throw caution to the wind. If not for yourself, at least show some concern for people around you, especially the elderly and those who have a weak immune system as they are more vulnerable to the virus than others.”

To curb the spread of coronavirus, the government has imposed travel bans and lockdown measures and has asked people to practise social distancing. The work from home option has been implemented in many workplaces.

“But not all industries can shut down. If you are making nuts and bolts, you have to step out and do your job. Or the postman has to be out on the streets to fulfill his duties. The work from home option is not feasible for all sectors,”says Shah, adding ,“I do believe that god has sent this misery for us to think. I do know that the stock market is down and many industries are facing financial losses, but we cannot escape the current situation. So why complain.”

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