Coronavirus Outbreak: How are Pune DJs using the ‘social-distancing’ time?

Anjali Jhangiani
Saturday, 21 March 2020

Bringing the party to you: Though they did take a hard-hit financially, these artists believe that it is for the greater good and are trying to make the most of their time. Here’s what they will be up to.

With Coronavirus filling the air this spring, it’s best not to take chances and to stay home. As most clubs are shut and gigs have been cancelled to encourage social distancing to curb the spreading of this virus, DJs have found a lot of time on their hands. Though they did take a hard hit financially, these artists believe that it is for the greater good and are trying to make the most of their time. Here’s what they will be up to:

“It’s a good initiative that clubs have closed down. At this time, self quarantine is vital. I have given my staff of 20 off for two weeks, and during this time, I am working on new music in my home studio. There are some things that you really want to do but never get the time to — I’m using this time to do all those things. I have made a bunch of new music to listen to in my car, which I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now. I’m also putting out new music on various platforms for my audience. Every year in March, I throw a fancy birthday party. People are asking me what I am doing this year. I have decided to cancel the party for now till the situation is resolved.”
— DJ Abhishek Mantri

“We must not play a part in spreading the virus. So though we have taken a hit because gigs have been cancelled and we are without work, we also agree that health comes first. I am utilising this time to become more advanced in my profession. I have joined an advanced production academy — something which I wanted to do but never got the time before. So this was the best opportunity for me to do what I had been putting off for a while.”
— DJ Rohen

“I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family, which is great because we seldom have enough time for it. I finally got down to sorting my hard drive and deleting all the junk. I’ve also been working on a lot of new music. In fact, this time I’m going beyond music and trying my hand at putting together an AV set. I also got the chance to explore new genres of music which I haven’t played before like nu disco, tropical house and techno.” 
— DJ Garry

“I’m chilling at home, giving time to my family and enjoying home-cooked food. I’m looking up new music, working on new music, and watching Netflix. But most importantly, I am staying positive and praying that people who are infected recover quickly and get healed. I’ve been spreading awareness on the coronavirus and broadcasting positive affirmations on WhatsApp and posting positive messages on social media.”
— DJ Faith

“Life has come to a standstill for us. My entire schedule for March-April has either been cancelled or postponed with no further notice. The Pune DJs Association has made a point to address all DJs not to exhaust their savings and spend wisely. Music is our only motivation in this period. My friends and I are going to broadcast our music and people in self quarantine can watch it on Facebook and Instagram and enjoy their weekend with us, all online. We’re calling it #WatchParty Safe and Sound. It will have a good vibe for everyone who is feeling down at this time. Later on, I plan to get other DJs to host such watch parties online too. Our first watch party will start on Saturday, 8 pm on my Instagram and Facebook page. We will be belting out all genres of music — rock ’n’ roll, pop, commercial, hip-hop, Bollywood and so on.”
— DJ Dustin

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