Coronavirus lockdown: How many parents switching from disposable baby diapers to cloth ones

Alisha Shinde
Friday, 3 April 2020

Many parents are making the switch from disposable diapers to cloth ones. Pallavi Utagi, founder and CEO, Superbottoms, tells more about it.

While most adults are complaining about staying indoors during the coronavirus lockdown, mothers are thinking of how they can feed their children healthy food and make them feel comfortable. Among the hygiene requirements, diapers figure somewhere on top of the list. 

Nowadays, disposable ones are easily available in the market. However, there is a definite shift in the mindset of Indian parents as far as baby diapers are concerned, where parents are going back to the roots.

Many parents are switching to cloth diapers keeping the child’s comfort in mind, especially in the Indian climate. Pallavi Utagi, founder and CEO, Superbottoms, tells us how to select the right cloth diaper for babies to keep them happy, healthy and clean.

Utagi, a mother herself, explains that infant diapers currently available in the market are all plastic which is unhealthy and cause rashes and other skin problems.

Cloth diapers are slowly gaining traction as parents see the benefits which are multifold, namely healthy, economical and environment friendly.

She says that cloth diapers are skin-friendly and reusable. The costs incurred over three years is much lower when compared to plastic diapers. “Most importantly, these diapers are environment friendly and easily biodegradable. Plastic diapers do not degrade and remain in landfills even after 500 years. Imagine the harmful effect it can have on our environment,” she says.

Making the switch to cloth diapers is rather easy, but parents need to understand which and how many to use in a day. “Like any other garment, we need to check if the fit is correct and, most importantly, comfortable for the baby. It should fit well so that no leakage could make the baby uncomfortable or cause a rash from being too tight,” says the founder.

Parents should also consider and track what type of wetter their baby is, which can help them understand the kind of cloth diaper they should opt for.

Other than keeping the cloth diapers clean for use, Utagi says that during summers it is equally important to pay heed to the skin of babies. 

“Most of the time, mothers dab the baby’s bottom with powder when it is dry and clean. In summer, moms should continue with this practice and do a little more. 

In the summer months, the skin becomes a bit itchy, so along with the powder, it is important to also keep the skin moisturised at all times and look out for any diaper rash, and if needed, apply coconut oil or an ointment as prescribed by the doctor,” Utagi further adds.

Since Índian summers are known for its heat, it is best to let the baby’s delicate skin breath. So, it’s also good to make infants wear comfortable cotton clothes at home.

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