Coronavirus lockdown: Are the viral challenges on social media worth it or not?

Anugraha Rao
Friday, 10 April 2020

Viral challenges on social media are keeping youngsters busy during the coronavirus lockdown. But you need to practise a few dos and don’ts when taking them up.

Quarantine has given birth to the Pablo Picassos, Charlie Chaplins and Arnold Schwarzeneggers of 2020. Right now, social media is flooded with people sharing their talent and skills like painting, dancing, singing, bodybuilding, yoga, and so on. 

Many are also taking up challenges to keep themselves busy. To mention a few, quarantine haircut, until tomorrow, walking up naked to your boyfriend/ husband etc. are some of the bizarre challenges that youngsters are game for.

Kunal Goel, 23, a music producer, also known as one of the best memers amongst his friends, has always been vocal about his thoughts. Talking about the lockdown challenges, he says, “I came across a lot of creative challenges actually. The best one, in my opinion, was to create and post your art every day, for a week. Getting to see such videos is really positive and helps people to be creative during this isolation period.” 

When asked about the weird contests trending online, he says that if you are not harming anybody and not stepping out, it’s fine to do whatever you want. “There is no right way to enjoy or spend your time in quarantine. If people find pleasure in challenging others online (even if somebody finds it stupid), it’s okay,” he says, adding that there cannot be a limit unless you’re breaking the law. Internet is a limitless place where you set your own limits. 

Talking about how safe it is to post personal things online, he says that it is an individual choice. If someone wants to show something about their life, they’ll do that irrespective of any challenge or viral trend. That said, cybercrime is a huge issue, and privacy is a concern, which is why, people must think before putting out things on social media, he advises.

“Posting your bad picture online and then nominating others to do so, is it really a challenge?” asks Somendra Ojha, 25, writer and musician.

“Accepting a challenge is a personal choice. No one’s going to punish you if you don’t. But when nominating someone for the challenge, do consider the other person’s comfort level as well,” says Ojha, adding that this is not the most productive way to spend quarantine time.

Plus, the internet is a very sensitive platform; sadly, people don’t understand that. “I have seen people crossing their limits. It’s okay to show off your happy life, but do not forget that people are watching you and that’s a big security threat. Privacy on the internet is nothing but a myth,” he says, adding, “You should always remember that your safety and security is in your hands. If you feel posting something will compromise your security or if you think this isn’t your cup of Dalgona coffee, then just let it go and enjoy your regular tea and be happy.”

Malik Baig, 25, owner of Evolution Events, was nominated by a friend to post a black and white picture. “As long as I know the person, it’s fine. However, I won’t accept challenges from random people,” he says.

Ask him if it’s okay to take up viral challenges during the lockdown, and he says, “It could be a fun thing to share with your friends and loved ones. Quarantine is anyway getting tough to handle; hence, in this way, you can spend some time with your family and friends on social platforms. That said, you need to keep their and your safety in mind. Anything beyond a point is harmful, so make sure you draw the line.”

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