Coronavirus lockdown: 7 effective work-from-home tips

Sakal Times Staff
Wednesday, 1 April 2020

A few tips on how to adopt the right posture by employing ergonomics in the home-office setup.

With most of India working from home now due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Godrej Interio, one of India’s leading furniture solutions brand, has shared ‘Stay Healthy. Be Productive’ — a ‘Work From Home’ guide to make things easy.

Anil Mathur, chief operating Officer, Godrej Interio, says, “The sedentary nature of modern office work, as well as the number of hours spent during work from home, can cause adverse effects on workforce’s health. Advances in technology have made it easy to work remotely but adopting an incorrect posture while working at home can cause some serious health issues. People work with their laptop while sitting on the sofa, the bean bag, sitting cross-legged on the floor, and even while lying down. This may affect our musculoskeletal system. We’ve developed a work from home guide which talks about the importance to incorporate ergonomics into the home-office setup.”

The right desk and chair: It’s vital to invest in ergonomic chairs and work desks that support different postures throughout the day. The chair that you spend in should have adjustable features to ensure maximum comfort, also having excellent lumbar support that is adjustable to keep the back straight. You need to adjust the desk at the right height. An ideal set of proper positioning is when you can type on the keyboard with your elbows bent at around 90 degrees.

Clear desk (and environment): Create a dedicated workspace for yourself to improve focus and reduce distractions.

Have the right accessories: Improper screen heights are a big reason for sore necks and related issues. You should make sure that the computer screen is in level with your eyes so that you don’t have to drop your neck or slouch over to view it. The screen should also be at your arm’s length while typing on the keyboard.

Smart props: To sit on the sofa or a bean bag for a short duration while working, you should maintain a proper position by placing cushions behind your back and beneath the laptop to raise it at the level of your eyes. Avoid slouching at any cost, as it may give rise to back pain etc.

Keep moving: You need to make sure to move around a little while working for longer hours. Sitting at the same posture for hours, even if one is using ergonomic seating arrangements, may put a lot of stress on body and mind.

Try to stand and work: Standing and working for some time reduces the chance of backaches, improves concentration, and helps you work faster.

Lighting choices: Ensure proper lighting in the room and keep the windows open to let in natural light.

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