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Monday, 29 January 2018

With city-based ice cream outlets serving out-of-the-box flavours, Vinaya Patil, Amrita Prasad and Alisha Shinde visit a few of them and introduce you to the exotic varieties

With city-based ice cream outlets serving out-of-the-box flavours, Vinaya Patil, Amrita Prasad and Alisha Shinde visit a few of them and introduce you to the exotic varieties

Ibaco, which has been offering delightful ice creams and mouth-watering desserts to customers in the southern part of the country, has now set up its first shop in Pune. Based on the scoop ‘n’ serve format, customers can walk into the parlour and choose from over 36 exotic flavours, inspired from exotic places around the world, like Madagascar, Switzerland and so on. From Belgian to Swiss Chocolate, Ecuadorian Arriba, Caribbean Almond Fudge, Strawberry Cheesecake, Madagascar Bean Vanilla — there are several lip-smacking flavours worth trying.

The brand also gives consumers a number of novel dessert options to choose from like ice cream cakes, crunchy signature cones, bars and even ice cream pizzas, making Ibaco a go-to destination for the most exquisite ice cream creations. Customers can also make their own sundaes. The popular range of ice cream cakes have two new combinations blending classic and contemporary variants like Swiss Choco Symphony and Mango and Lychee Medley.

The fig and honey and wild berries are particularly worth tasting. We liked the perfect sweet in it and the smooth aftertaste that the fig and honey scoop left.

At Ibaco, the pricing is also very uniformly done on weight basis and thus makes it easy to pick and choose any flavour you like.

One can also choose extra toppings and sauces from a wide range of 22 toppings that includes Brownie, Chocolate Sprinkles, Waffle, Raisins, etc and sauces like Blackcurrant, Chocolate, Honey, etc. Customers can also create their own ice cream bars, by dipping in their favourite flavoured bar into a wide range of toppings and sauces.

The ice cream cakes which come in Choco Vanilla Delight, Mango Italian Fiesta, Berry Vanilla Burst and other varieties are heavenly. With colourful decorations and creamy taste, they provide a celebratory experience for all special occasions.

In addition to this, customers can also delight themselves with a unique selection of ice cream cones.

Location: 5A, Central Ave, Prathamesh Society, Kalyani Nagar
Timings: 11 am-11 pm

Pricing: Providing an affordable delectable experience for all, Ibaco ice creams are billed against their weight with a total of Rs 80 taxes for 100 gm. It’s pioneered a range of signature ice cream cakes that range between Rs 475 and Rs 920+ taxes, and its six Serve Choco Celesta Pizza costs Rs 475 + taxes

Crafting ice creams
Every new season brings in new surprises and IceKraft totally believes in this philosophy surprising guests with new flavours of ice creams and savoury desserts every now and then. If you dig into their unique and never heard before Friffles, which has a mix of fries and waffles served in a cone, you will know what makes this place so different and interesting.  

At Rs 149, you can indulge in Friffles in different varieties such as Creamy Jalapeno Friffles, which has crinkle cut fries, loaded with cheese sauce and Thousand Island dressing and topped with jalapenos and grated cheddar cheese and sprinkled cilantro, and served in their gourmet savoury waffle cone. Then there is Cheesy Lebanese Friffles, which has crinkle cut fries loaded with herbed garlic Labneh dressing, grated cheddar cheese and sprinkled cilantro in gourmet savoury waffle cone.

If you enjoy Nachos, try their Cheesy Mexicano with Nachos Friffles, which has crinkle cut fries and cheese dusted nachos tossed in spicy Sriracha sauce, loaded with cheese sauce and Thousand Island dressing, cheese and grated cheddar cheese with sprinkles of cilantro served in gourmet savoury waffle cone.

Fans of Big Bang Theory show must try Big Bang Friffles just for fun. This savoury waffle gives something extra of everything! Fries, cheesy sauce, Thousand Island dressing tossed in their magic sauce with grated cheddar cheese.  

Ultimate Choco Fantasy Friffles with brownie and red velvet cake come together to make the ultimate combo! Served in a black cone and topped with Nutella, chocolate fudge, choco chips and sprinkles, and optional whipped cream make it an ambrosial dessert.

IceKraft also offers ice cream tacos in a variety of flavours and mouthwatering toppings. The Funfare, which has three tacos served with absolute berry ice cream topped with candied jujubes with fruit cereals drizzled with rainbow sprinkles and fresh fruits and berry compote, is indeed a fare to indulge in! Served with red velvet cookie dough scoop, Banana Berry Freeze, which has three tacos served with banana-strawberry ice cream topped with candied nuts and jujubes drizzled with rainbow sprinkles and fresh banana/ strawberry (seasonal) and peanut toffee, allows you to enjoy the season’s flavours. Chocolate Mexicana, which has three tacos served with absolute chocolate/ intense dark chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate flakes and glazed chocolate noodles drizzled with rainbow sprinkles and hot fudge and served with salted caramello cookie dough scoop is lip-smacking.  

Served with double chocolate cookie dough scoop, Cookie Dough by IceKraft is specially curated to fill you with awe and amazement. It has delicious and their all time favourite flavours. Red Velvet Dough, which has signature red velvet cookie dough served with berry compote and fruit cereals, and Salted Caramello Cookie Dough, which has salted caramel cookie dough with kosher salt served with peanut toffee sauce and roasted peanut bits, are delightful too. Coffee Kurrant Cookie Dough, which is one of their all-time favourites, has coffee kurrant cookie dough with coffee dust served with salted caramel and chocolate sticks, and Double Chocolate Cookie Dough, which is a classic double chocolate cookie dough served with hot chocolate fudge and chocolate flakes are worth trying too.

Location: Shop No 4, near Rupali restaurant, Shanti Sheela Plaza, Shivajinagar
Timings: 1-11.30 pm
Pricing: The Classic Krafts range starts at Rs 79 and Friffles are priced at Rs 149

Happy and fun
The newly opened dessert parlour in Viman Nagar, Polar Bear, is an ice cream lover’s paradise. First of all, the place is warm and welcoming. The interiors done up in off-white, yellow and blue radiate happy vibes. And then the amazing range of ice creams like Arabian Dates, Rum Jamaica, English Strawberry, Coffee Brazilia, Belgian Chocolate and Paan, to name a few, can uplift your mood instantly.  

The place also caters to those looking for sugar-free options. Other than the amazing flavours they also have some delicious sundaes like Cake Sundaes, Fruit Sundaes, Faloodas, Kids Sundaes and a fun twist on sundaes called Fundaes.

If you are looking for your chocolate fix, try the Brownie Fudge from their Chocolate Sundaes option, which is a classic walnut brownie coated with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate fudge and served with hearty dollops of fresh whipped cream and a cherry along with a waffle wafer. The nutty brownie along with the toppings creates the perfect combinations of flavours and makes for a perfect winter treat.

Who does not like coffee, especially when it is combined with chocolate? At Polar Bear, the Tiramisu gets a twist, with the rich aroma of Brazilian coffee with delightful white chocolate. This combination is sure to steal your heart. The taste of the ice cream lingers on your taste buds for long because of the bitterness of the rich coffee and the smoothness of the white chocolate.  

Polar Bear is sure to take you on a magical ice cream journey with the fun ice cream options they have on offer, so make a visit.  

Location: Turning Point 2, ground floor, Viman Nagar
Timings: 11 am-midnight

Pricing: Regular flavour scoops start from Rs 45, while the exotic flavours cost Rs 79 each. The sundaes range  between Rs 125 and 189. The signature ice cream Fundaes range between Rs 129 and 229. They also offer an Ice Cream Pizza, a slice costs Rs 105 and Rs 359 for a family pizza.



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