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Thursday, 30 May 2019

Bael fruit, also known as wood apple, is not just delicious but also has some amazing cooling properties.  Manish Kusumwal, corporate chef, Keys Hotels, shares a few summer drinks recipes

With summer in full swing and the mercury rising, we feel like cooling off with some refreshing beverages every now and then. To help you refresh and rejuvenate, Manish Kusumwal, corporate chef, Keys Hotels, has specially curated some bael fruit beverages.

   Bael….    ..1
   Sugar..    . 50 gm  (powdered)
   Lemon...     1-2 optional
   Black salt...     ½ tsp
    Take out the pulp of bael in a big bowl.
    Add 1 cup of water to the bowl and mash it finely with the spoon.
    Transfer the pulp to a soup strainer/ metal sieve and strain the pulp and collect it in a bowl.
   Add the powdered sugar, lemon and black salt to it. Mix it really well till the sugar has completely dissolved in the bael pulp.
   Add the lemon juice to the bael sharbat and adjust the water level to your liking. If you want, you can make it thick and pulpy.
   To serve, take a glass and add a few cubes of ice. Pour the juice and add a sprig of mint for garnishing.

   Bael powder…….    4 tsp 
   Brown sugar……    .4 tsp 
   Water as required
   Ice as required 
   Add the bael powder to water and stir well.
   Add the brown sugar and dissolve in the water.
   Pass the liquid through a sieve.
   Serve the liquid over ice.

Option: You can also use brewed green tea along with bael powder to give a twist to your bael tea.

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