Colouring the waari

Ayushi Garg
Tuesday, 20 June 2017

City-based artists create rangolis for the warkaris as they pass Pune on their way to Pandharpur

The annual Ashadhi Ekadashi wari to Pandharpur — a major event in Maharashtra — not only sees participation from the warkaris (the worshippers), who walk all the way to the holy town of Lord Vitthal, but from hundreds of others who partake in the celebrations indirectly. Donations of foodgrains, food, utensils, and much more is a common phenomenon every year. This year, however, a group of city-based artists decided to do something unique by exhibiting their rangolis as the wari passes Pune.

Anna Thorat and Vishal Salonkhe are currently hosting an exhibition for the warkaris. Organised by the Shiv Shambo Pratisthan and Akhil Madai Mandal, the exhibition displays many forms of rangolis signifying moments from the warkaris’ spiritual journey.

“Every year we used to serve food and snacks but this year we planned to exhibit rangolis. I have also been managing all the expenses related to the rangoli exhibition myself,” says Salonkhe.

The rangoli designs include a lady carrying a tulsi tree on her head, a child enjoying the wari from atop his father’s shoulder, warkaris playing musical instruments like the dholak, cymbals and veena among others. The exhibition is on at Tatyasaheb Thorat Samaj Mandir in Mandai and will be open for all up to June 22.

Themed Pandharichi Wari, the exhibition has 14 rangolis made by a group of 10 people including students of artist Jagdish Chavan.

Somnath Bhongle, a participant from Saswad, said, “This is the first time I’m participating in making rangolis for warkaris. I have made a 3D rangoli showing an old man resting on the way to Pandharpur.”

All the rangolis have been made without the use of any equipment and are made with 20 kg of rangoli and 5 kg colours. Around 1,200 people have attended the exhibition so far.

“I thought of giving something new to the warkaris this year, so I decided to showcase my talent through my skills by making these themed rangolis,” says Ashwini Rajput from Katraj.

Pandharichi Wari is on till June 22, Tatyasaheb Thorat Samaj Mandir in Mandai from 9 am-9 pm


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