Colourful canvas

Ajay Joshi
Sunday, 26 May 2019

Fall is one of the most magical seasons. Here are some vivid landscapes from the east coast of America 

I had heard of ‘fall colours’, but never thought I would see them in real life. I witnessed the season’s colours during my trip to the US, as a Fulbright Scholar. This was right on top of my ‘To Do ‘list. And I was fortunate to be there, just then.

In between busy schedules, I took off for two weekends only to witness this phenomenon, and was dumbstruck at nature’s brilliance, in this transition period. I travelled along the East Coast, from Amherst to Boston, right up to Niagara Falls. They say this region is blessed by the best of this vividness. And my camera never stopped clicking. 

The forests were ablaze with a palette of colours, sprayed across in yellow, gold, bronze, red, violet and little dottings of green. It was a canvas all across. More mesmerising were the leaves, fallen off trees, which collectively created a mosaic on the ground, of breathtaking artistic arrangements. In places, small rivulets danced amongst this foliage, to complete the picture perfect scene. The experience was truly magical and definitely theatrical.

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