Caring for skin, and Earth

Alisha Shinde
Sunday, 28 April 2019

Offering ‘all natural’ skincare products, Shilpa Hak’s venture Earthy Tones is about sustainable and environment friendly living

Don’t you love indulging in products that are carefully handcrafted to protect your skin and give you a natural glow? There are many such products available in the market nowadays. However, Earthy Tones is a little different because it not only creates handcrafted artisan soaps, body butter and other products from scratch but also follows principles of veganism, and is completely natural and zero waste.
Earthy Tones is the brainchild of Shilpa Hak. “Having always been sensitive, conscientious and responsible since childhood, I embraced veganism six years ago and zero waste a year ago,” she says adding that the brand is her effort towards more sustainable and environment-friendly living.
“Since most of the skincare products available in the market are loaded with chemicals and come in non-biodegradable packaging, I educated myself and started making my own skincare range,” she says. 

Earthy Tones actually started as an experiment and soon became her passion. “It was when friends and family kept placing recurring orders, I finally decided to start my venture on a larger scale without compromising on my principles,” she says adding that the name Earthy Tones comes from her favourite earthy colours — brown and orange.  

The brand’s philosophy is to provide affordable skincare products that are chemical free, vegan and zero waste to people for a better living. When asked about the principles that the startup follows, Hak says that the whole idea is to live responsibly so that the future generations inherit a healthier and cleaner planet. 

“Every ingredient, including the colour and scent, is chosen with utmost care after in depth research and analysis to ensure what you get is 100 per cent natural and vegan, so that in no way we are harming nature,” says Hak.
Talking about their soaps, she says that they follow the cold process method. “So unlike melt and pour soaps, we have complete control over our ingredients. Most additives like herbal powders are made by us to ensure there is no adulteration. To ensure no possible cross-contamination, we use pharma grade lye, which is the highest quality of lye available in India,” shares Hak adding that she makes the hair wash powders herself to avoid adulteration. 

The brand makes handmade soaps, body butter, face packs, deodorants, lip balms, hair oils, massage oils, hair colour and hair wash powder.

Providing good quality and natural ingredients is not only their goal,  Earthy Tones makes sure that their packaging too is zero waste. “The cloth used for the soap bags is procured from local tailors who otherwise throw the scraps away,” mentions Hak adding that the body butter, deodorants and face packs are packaged in glass jars which can be returned to them and the buyer can avail a discount on their next purchase, or appropriately recycle or up-cycle them.

Running a startup that is vegan and waste-free is not easy. “Even in the 21st century there is a lack of awareness among the public about zero waste movement and veganism, which could probably be because of the cost factor — people consider eco-friendly products to be expensive, but we are trying to tackle this problem,” says Hak.

Earthy Tones products range between Rs 100 and Rs 650, and are available on

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