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K Shivraj
Saturday, 1 December 2018

Accelerating from 0 to 100kmph in just 3.6 seconds, the Lamborghini Urus is lightning fast and is all about shock and awe

Touted as the fastest SUV in the world with an ability to accelerate from 0 to 100kmph in just 3.6 seconds, the       Lamborghini Urus marks the company’s re-entry into SUVs after the LM. Capable of a top speed of 305kmph, the Urus comes from the house of an Italian supercar manufacturer. As a ‘super’ SUV, the Urus, away from the European shores, carries an amount of shock value in India. 

The Urus is about shock and awe in its appearance. The sporty design tropes and the sharply raked roofline, angles, cuts, slashes have an intimidating effect. Sans a wing at the back, the vehicle stands out, the slit-thin head and tail lamps adding to its distinct looks. ‘Y’-shaped design elements are a part of the LED running lamps, tail lamps, doors and the alloy wheels a well. The wheels measure a good 22-inch in dia and the size of the tyres is 285/45 R21 at front, and 315/40 R21 at the rear; 23-inch dia wheels are also on offer. Equipped with an air suspension that can alter the ride height from 158mm to 248mm (248mm ride height is achieved in off-road modes), the Urus costs a cool Rs 3.10 crores ex-showroom. 

Many would remember the rather battleship-like interior of the LM; the Urus is no different. The Urus’ cockpit is like that of a battleship. There’s some aviation touch with a wide centre console that seems to float. There are a number of toggle switches and levers on it. If the start-stop switch is accessed through an aircraft style arrangement that includes a red flickable shield, the dual touchscreen infotainment and HVAC control draw attention for their familiarity with the Audi A8. The drive mode selector lever may look like the thrust lever of a powerboat, it works in one direction. To engage the earlier mode it has to be turned past the other four modes to arrive at the desired mode. The gear selector is a combination of levers that have to be pulled. There are buttons too to get through reverse, neutral, manual and park. The drive mode, like in a supercar, is engaged by pulling the right gearshift paddle! The paddles are attached to the wheel; they turn with the steering wheel. The dual touchscreen sans any physical buttons and knobs may be a little difficult to operate. In terms of space, the sharply slanting roof means tall people can find headroom in short supply at the rear. What is good, is the supply of leg room at the rear. The boot offers 616-litres worth of stowage space. This is with a compressed space-saver spare tyre in place. 

With the 4-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine developing a hefty 650bhp and 850Nm of peak torque, the SUV in ‘Strada’ mode feels just right to drive. Routing power to all the wheels through an 8-speed auto transmission, the Strada modes has things managed well. For an SUV that can do a top speed of 305kmph, the responses are gentle and the shifts happen smoothly. The ride, courtesy the air suspension, is good. There is a stiff edge to it though, and this is felt as the SUV soaks up irregularities and tides over bad surfaces. Each drive mode is distinct than the other. If Strada mode is the best in practical terms, the Sport mode reveals the true ‘Super’-SUV nature of the Urus. The Sport mode can get the SUV pulling hard and down a winding road. For its size (it is 5m long and a shade over 2m wide), the vehicle negotiates corners without any complaint. The handling of dynamics are supported by a combination of active anti-roll bars, active torque vectoring and rear-wheel steering. The three work in tandem to ensure that the Urus behaves like a sports car rather than an SUV. Tackling corners well, the vehicle responds with surprisingly quick turn-ins. The massive carbon-ceramic brakes inspire confidence. They generate a vicious bite and ensure that the SUV quickly sheds speed. Their use is found most in the Corsa mode, which turns the Urus aggressive, and is meant for track. From the ferocious pull that pushes the occupants deep into their large seats (and even slaps their heads), the sound, almost everything changes — everything turns brutal. 

Costlier than the Bentley Bentayga, and with which it shares the platform, the Urus is not about how beautiful it is. It is about the shock value and awe it generates. Offering performance and character like no other SUV in its stratosphere, the Urus is super fast. A Lamborghini is it at the heart, and, that is where it all rests.  

Pros: Distinct looks, lightning fast, handling
Cons: Price

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