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Alisha Shinde
Monday, 9 September 2019

Offering premium rentals for corporates and individuals, Relocatte is trying to bridge the gap between the high demand and low supply of service-oriented apartments in India

Travelling for business can mean that you will be in an unfamiliar atmosphere with unknown people, and will have to live in a box. But it does not have to be this way. Most people these days like staying in furnished/serviced apartments because they can have the entire house at their disposal and relax in their comfortable clothes without having to dress in formals for grabbing breakfast. 

Claimed to be India’s first-ever tech-enabled real estate company offering premium rentals for senior level business travellers for short-term and mid-term, Gurugram-based startup, Relocatte is changing the way stay is arranged for MDs, CXOs, expats and senior level business travellers. 

Started by Deepanshu Sachdeva and Harjit Ghai, Relocatte is bridging the gap between the high demand of service-oriented premium apartments and the lack of their supply in India.

The founders explain that Relocatte leases properties for a long term (usually for three to five years) from owners after giving them rental assurance. The apartments are then furnished thoughtfully to be suitable for stays ranging from 1-12 months. “With impeccable furnishing, ample amenities and client servicing through our app, Relocatte provides a hassle-free living experience for corporate and individual clients,” points out Ghai. 

Sharing how they came up with the idea for Relocatte, Sachdeva says, “When I was working with KPGM, I was responsible for arranging accommodation for foreign employees visiting the Gurugram office. Since they came for long-term visits, they would feel cramped up living in a hotel room, so they were usually put up in serviced apartments to feel at home. But I soon discovered that four major problems would arise from this situation.” He mentions a serious shortage of the availability of properly furnished apartments, and how the entire process of finding one for short to mid-term stay is quite complicated, disorganised and tedious because property search engines feature listings posted by brokers, wherein reliability becomes a huge concern, thus increasing trust deficit. “Existing companies deliver mediocre apartments, and there are separate furniture rental businesses. But there was no one-stop solution for this demand,” he adds. 
Ghai points out that even though hotels might look like a better option when it comes to certain things such as food and security, they are in fact mostly suitable for short-term stays. When employees are visiting different countries or cities due to official work for medium or long-term stays, they prefer staying in fully-furnished apartments which offer them privacy, spacious rooms, fully-loaded kitchens and are comparatively cheaper. “Our mission is to completely transform the currently available mediocre facilities into smart and beautiful housing solutions,” says Ghai. 

Talking about how properties are selected to be listed, Sachdeva says that they focus on premium and well maintained condominiums or buildings that are at close proximity to business hubs and other prime locations. There is thorough verification of the owners and inspection of properties before it is taken on lease by Relocatte. “The last factor that we very take very seriously is the availability of 24x7 security personnel,” adds Ghai. 

Relocatte is currently operational in Gurugram, Delhi, Manesar and Neemrana, and will soon be present in cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. 

Ghai points out that Relocatte has a number of challenges to face which are mostly tech-driven. “The biggest challenge is the end users’ adoption of technology and the onboarding of new customers. But we are working towards solving this problem by creating awareness about the product,” he adds. 

Check in
All the ready-to-move-in properties are listed on the website, with post check-in services that can be managed with their app backed by tech professionals and service managers. 

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