Buds and blooms

Amrita Prasad 
Thursday, 30 May 2019

It is important that you choose the right vase so that they complement your blooms and add to the beauty of your interiors

Vases are an essential accent that can jazz up a room. The right kind of vase can fill in the gaps on empty dining tables, end tables, bookshelves, so basically they brighten up any corner and any part of your home. However, it is important that you choose the right vase so that they complement your blooms and add to the beauty of your interiors. 

Natasha Sharma, city-based interior designer who specialises in flower decorations, says that as much as the placement, the size, colour and shape of the vase is equally important. Sharma says, “While small vases are easy to decorate and can be placed anywhere, one must understand that matching flowers to the perfect vase is no less than an art. If you have the right kind of vase, they can make even the simplest flowers look beautiful. Remember that the length of the flower stem shouldn’t be more than one and a half to two times the height of your vase. Also, pay attention to the neck of the vase — too wide or too narrow opening of the vase can disturb the flower arrangement.” 

Hourglass-shaped vases are popular, but you must know what flowers to choose to complement the shape. “For hourglass vases, shorter-stemmed flowers with large, round heads such as roses, hydrangeas and peonies go best. Wide at the bottom, narrow in the middle, and slightly flared at the top, its curvaceous style will enhance the look of your flower,” says Sharma.  

If you are planning to go for a round or a fish-bowl shaped vase, remember that they are not suitable for all kinds of flowers. “You can go for tulips, gerberas or roses or a mix of all these. Just cut the stems to the height of the vase so that they can fit in,” she adds.  

Bud vases are simple and make great statement pieces. “They are great options for  holding individual stems or a cluster of petite blooms. These kind of vases look great when placed on dining tables or on your bedside table,” says Sharma. If you are someone who likes trendy stuff and has a knack for modern decor, rectangular vases are a perfect option. Says Sharma, “Rectangular vases look sophisticated and are best when you want to arrange single stems of narcissi or tulips.”

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