Bring Nature Home

Tania Roy
Wednesday, 6 November 2019

The moment you set your eyes on these  pieces, you will pick them up. That’s the appeal of animal-inspired furniture

Getting up close with nature has a different charm. And if you can get nature home, all the more better! Casa Exotique, an interior design brand, has procured an exotic range of home decor based on wildlife. Launched under its autumn collection, the animal-inspired furniture features sheep, stallions, rhinos, reindeer and other wildlife. Made from sturdy beech plywood, the beautifully carved pieces are available in many colours such as natural wood, brown, and black. Their spacious tops can also be used as a study table or simply consoles to provide platforms for coffee table books, vases and other items of decor. 

To know more, we chat up Bhawana Bhatnagar, founder and interior stylist of Casa Exotique

The pieces look attractive and adorable. From where do you procure the pieces? Since they are procured from overseas, are they suitable for the Indian climate? 
They are procured from China and Indonesia and are suitable for almost every climate type in the world. Also, made from beech plywood, which is known for exceptional bending and crushing strength, compactness, and shock resistance, these furniture pieces are very durable and suitable for the Indian climate. 

Wildlife/ animal lovers will instantly connect to this range of furniture. Do you think others will?  
Yes, these accent pieces are inspired by the Nordic lifestyle and beautifully portray luxury.     

The furniture has been made from beech plywood. What is its speciality?
Due to its unmatched physical properties, beech plywood is ideal for chiselling, grooving, and carving. An artisan can easily transform the beech plywood into the desired shape with utmost precision and accuracy. That’s why beech is the top choice of many renowned designers of Europe and South Asia. 

Does the furniture come dismantled? If yes, is it easy to assemble or does one need the carpenter to put up the piece?
They are easy to assemble, but in case if someone asks for an experienced carpenter, we love to help them.    

How tall and wide are the pieces? Can the same piece be used as a coffee table and a corner piece?
Every piece is of different shape and size. And yes, there are a few which can be used as coffee tables or side tables. 

How sturdy are the bookshelves? How many books approximately can each piece hold?    
Beechwood is sturdy. Almost 20-25 books can be shelved very easily in each piece. Besides, some space is also dedicated to magazines and newspapers.   

These bookshelves are multi-purpose. Apart from books, they can be used as a multipurpose desk, coffee table, wine rack, a platform for keeping decorative items. Any other utility?
Yes, they are multi-purpose and can be used very creatively as a study table or console too.  

Nowadays, a customer is bound to make comparisons with Amazon or other shopping portals to make sure s/he is getting the best deal. Are Casa Exotique products competitively priced?
These are the statement pieces and cannot be compared with mass-selling products in terms of quality and aesthetics. But, on the price point, they are highly competitive and offer value for money to customers.   

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