Between the sheets

Sonam Gupta
Saturday, 17 February 2018

There are numerous ways in which bed sheets can be given a new life. All you have to do is get creative, and understand the fabric and its various uses.

Often we are left wondering about home and interior expenditure especially when we invest in some worthy designer linen and before we know it, the trend is lost. Discarding such products can be heart wrenching, particularly when it’s bed furnishings. Crafting them into different, innovative products will not only help us use the material to its optimum level but also reduce wastage. Below are some innovative and quirky ideas that you can make use of: 

•   If the bed sheet is in fine cotton with classy Mandala print and in reasonably good condition, ask a local tailor to sew you a poncho out of it. It will look absolutely chic and with the ample fabric, you can give it a good length. A good paisley print on the sheets can also be turned into a maxi dress or a long skirt. Sheets with stripes can be useful in making palazzos. Vertical straight lines will create an illusion of height and a slender figure. Satin sheets with floral prints can be turned into spring dresses, while rayon sheets in vibrant tropical prints can be designed to make beach sarongs.

•    Expensive silk bed sheets with ornate gold work are difficult to give away. Resize into table runners, curtains and cushion covers to make a complete set for the living room. Fragmented patches of its prints can be pasted on solid coloured tunics, coordinated to highlight the design. One can also use the remaining fabric to craft lampshades, mobile covers or stylish bohemian women’s bags.

•    Certain heavy fabrics with striking colour combinations, imprints and patterns can be cut and framed to create new wall hangings. Panel sets of paisley, chevron, damask, scroll, aboriginal and lattice look totally fresh, vibrant and effortlessly trendy. A good frame with some mount board or backing board will give a elegant look with added dimension and new décor.

•    Give a makeover to your canine and feline’s bed and mattress by re-lining them in bright, new colours and designs.

•    Get a local tailor to stitch them as under lining to new comforters and blankets. This makes it easier to maintain them, especially when used by guests or multiple people. Supporting lining for curtains or fabric blinds can help reduce surplus sunlight inside.

•    Turn them into individual covers for your designer dresses, saris and elaborately crafted fabrics for efficient preservation.

•    One can use old bed sheets to create indoor tents for the kids to play around or for a romantic night with your partner on a floor bedding (with some fairy lights to decorate it.) A bed canopy flowing from the ceiling or one mounted on wall can also be made to add a new feel to the room while resourcefully using the nearly worthless fabric.

•    Another useful way is designing them into aprons, dusting cloths, bathroom mats, shoe bags, laundry bags, reusable shopping bags and purse covers, among others.

•    An additional beautiful reuse is creating valances out of the rejected bed spreads for the living room to give it a new and a sophisticated look.

•    One of the best ways of not using outdated but well maintained bed sheets is by donating them at orphanages, old age homes or to the support staff at home, who use them as a necessity and not as a luxurious product.

(The writer is Design Head of Tangerine)

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