Be Fit, Don’t Just Look It

Poorna Kulkarni
Sunday, 10 November 2019

Mumbai-based freelance fitness trainer Alpesh Tiwari talks about his journey, his fitness mantra and routine

To maintain good health, one must have a disciplined lifestyle. It is important to engage in a regular exercise regimen, along with consuming a balanced diet. This fitness mantra is rigourously followed by Alpesh Tiwari, a certified fitness trainer and sports nutrition expert from K11. K11 is a school of fitness science that helps in building careers in the industry. 

Tiwari, a civil engineer-turned-fitness trainer, trains models like Rahul Yadav and Namrata Jadhav. We speak to him to know more about his fitness routine and his journey so far. 

Inspired since childhood
Tiwari says that since childhood, he was inspired by fit people. “I used to adore Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hrithik Roshan. Later, I got into fitness as I was passionate about it. I believe it is this passion that keeps me motivated all the time,” he says.

He used to surf the net for hours to know about the prevailing fitness trends and what he needed to do to be fit. “After this, a friend of mine, who was already in K11, suggested that I should join them, if I intended to make a career in fitness. It was a four month course. I shifted from Raipur to Mumbai. And it was a great experience,”he says. The world of fitness is a vast one and physical exercise alone won’t ensure you stay there. Proper diet along with proper rest are required too,” he says.
He points out that when people are into fitness, they should keep in mind that it is not important to look fit but be fit. 

The schedule
Speaking about his fitness routine, Tiwari says, “After I wake up and get ready, I take protein shake along with multivitamins. For breakfast, I have oats and omelette. Then I go to the gym to train my clients. For lunch, I have brown rice, chicken, veggies and salad. For evening snacks, I have about 100 gm of sprouts along with protein shake. Also in the evening, I train people at their homes. I generally workout in the night from 8.30 to 10 pm. I do stretching, cardio and weight training but an hour before that, I have four egg whites and one banana. After the workout, I drink protein shake and my dinner is the same as lunch.” 

He adds that before going to bed, he consumes around 150 gm of paneer as it is a good source of protein and doesn’t keep the body starved while one is sleeping. He considers Hrithik, Vidyut Jammwal and Tiger Shroff as his role models. 

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