Baking made easy

Debarati Palit Singh
Thursday, 21 December 2017

VJ-turned host and writer Maria Goretti says that her new show I Want To Bake Free is for everybody — from beginners in baking to the ones keen on experimenting

Baking is a stress buster for me,” says Maria Goretti while promoting her new show I Want To Bake Free. The show will air on Living Foodz every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm. Maria, who has created a niche for herself on television and online channels with her cooking skills, will demonstrate a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes that viewers can easily try at home on the show. It will feature special episodes for Christmas and Valentine’s Day and an episode dedicated to baking recipes for children. One can learn to make unique breads like Poee, Australian Soda Bread and Butter Beer Bread, savouries and desserts like Mille Feuille, Tomato Cobbler, Caramel Apples, Ghost Cake and Unicorn Macarons.

She says that the reason baking is a stress buster for many is because it requires lot of patience, time and there are several rules and regulations that one has to follow. “It puts you in a ‘zen kind of space’ and that’s why it’s so interesting and relaxing for many,” says she. 

She says that I Want To Bake Free is for everybody. “It’s for those who have never baked, those who have just started, and those who are inspired by watching others. There’s something for everyone. There are cakes, starters, main course, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It’s one of those shows that’s going to be a lot of fun,” says Maria, who has hosted Do It Sweet and other shows in the past.

She says that her passion for baking began after watching her mother and grand-mother bake a lot. “I have grown up watching them and I was therefore always interested in cooking and baking. It was very natural for me to take up baking. I have seen so much of it around me that it’s a part and parcel of the kitchen for me. In fact, it is an extension of cooking,” she quips.

One has to follow certain procedures while baking and if the amount of ingredients isn’t right then the dishes might not work out. But Maria maintains that she experiments a lot while baking. “Some of them don’t work out but most of them do,” she says.

Baking usually involves a lot of butter, white flour or baking soda but the former VJ says that she started using alternative options. “I use a lot of Gluten free, healthy ingredients, and sugar-free options. But all this depends on whom I am baking for,” she adds.

With Christmas around the corner, Maria says that there are several items that she will prepare. “I prepare Baked Chicken, which my mom makes and I really enjoy it. I prepare Meringues that go on to my table, Chocolate Hazel Nut Cake, Gluten and butter-free fresh orange cake that I love and dessert pizza. The recipes of most of them are available on my YouTube channel,” she adds.

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