Artificial Intelligence is the future

Anugraha Rao
Wednesday, 13 May 2020

The world is evolving and so is the interior designing industry. Experts tell us how the post-pandemic home would be like

Anugraha Rao

Covid-19 has made a massive impact on our lives. Everyone is restricted to their homes. A lot of people who had decided to redesign their homes in some way or the other, have put off their plans. As the pandemic is spreading via physical contact, experts believe that the post pandemic world could experience completely different designs where human contact will be avoided or minimised.

AI is the future

Prashant Kulshreshtha, director, Ogling Inches Design Architects, says that Covid-19 has reset the whole environment to its original form. It has taught people the importance of hygiene, clean environment, and hence, the importance of design professionals in our daily life.
“Covid will actually help the Interior industry grow in a faster manner than before. People will be more concerned about their physical connections, touch and feel of surfaces etc. With this understanding, people will prefer contactless hardware, face and voice recognition technology and so on,” Kulshreshtha says. He adds that it won’t be wrong to say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future.

Social distancing protocols

Many countries already have AI technology in the designing industry. However, it is still in an experimental stage. Companies were anticipating the reactions of people to know how they will use it. Post-Covid, AI-based companies will emerge with more daring ideas and products in collaboration with interior design professionals.
“More of our spaces will have face recognition alarm cameras, heat sensitive products against theft, more in-house office space, more hygienic kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Product companies like the paint industry will gift interior designers new virus-resisting finishes. The use of porous materials will reduce and that of nonporous materials will escalate,” says he.
Anuradha Aggarwal, creative director, Olives Cre, says that in the post-Covid world, amenity spaces will be designed to allow groups to separate from each other in order to maintain social distancing protocols. Furthermore, a visual shift in interior spaces will be seen and the emphasis will be on creating spaces that are much more comfortable and functional. A large number of automated devices will also be used to create smart spaces.

The products

Telling us the different design elements one can expect post-Covid, Aggarwal says, “Changes like controlling switches, dimmers, automated doors, motion and light sensors, security cameras, and smart locks by a single device will take place.”
Kulshreshtha adds, “More of AI-based door locks which can recognise space owner’s voice and face, AI-based video door phones, contactless switch boards, fully automated houses, anti-bacterial fabrics, light fixtures and bulbs for the day are some of the items which we believe will be launched.”
In addition to these, taps with inbuilt soap dispensers, and contactless water supply solutions will also come to the rescue of people for future epidemics or pandemics.

Automated designs for public places?

It is quite possible to maintain hygiene within the house. But, when you are out in public and say using a public washroom, it becomes little difficult. Therefore, Aggarwal says that the government should definitely consider opting for AI.
“We all know that various infections and diseases are caused due to improper hygiene practices in public places. With new innovations and technologies, smart concepts can be built through artificial intelligence and sensor mechanics,” she adds.
Kulshreshtha believes that with the overall education and awareness towards the need for cleanliness and protection against diseases, government should introduce strict laws, just the way laws have been made to install fire-fighting systems in buildings. “Technology and special AI are the future of the world if we need to survive and grow together. As government has already seen and invested in an app like Arogya, they are bound to use technology to manage the health of people under them. AI is the need of this hour and would be developed further and applied strictly by our governments for sure,” he concludes.

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