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Amrita Prasad
Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Learn to Sing was conceived as an innovative learning tool with some powerful and cool technologies that make singing your favourite songs a breeze

True School of Music or TSM, which is a complete vocal learning and singing app, recently launched its app ‘Learn to Sing’. It teaches you how to sing accurately with real-time feedback as well as personalised guidance and feedback from highly qualified and experienced international music faculty. It is a pocket-sized teacher that helps you learn singing with warm ups, practice, tests and assessment by professionals and helps bring out the best in you.

Ashutosh Phatak (founder of TSM) came up with this real time tutor without compromising on the quality of education. The app also features a host of vocal technique exercises that help improve breathing techniques, vocal range, pitch, rhythm, projection, dynamics and expression. 

What’s more, artists collaborations will have app learners audition for their favourite artists and win a chance to perform with them on stage.

There are 60 levels that are divided into five stages. Each stage has three grades and each grade has four levels. The five stages include Home-alone, House Party, Open Mic, Online Start and Almost Famous. 

Learn to Sing also features a  catalogue with a selection of Hindi, English, indie and regional songs where new songs are added every month. Upon completing each level, the app learner will receive a certificate, and upon successful completion of every grade, they will receive a certificate of achievement.  The app learner will also win awards in the form of discount coupons, concert tickets, etc for completing various levels within the app.

Learning of songs is made really simple by breaking down the tune into verses and choruses, guided by the teacher’s voice. You can easily master your favourite songs by singing after the teacher section by section, and an accurate visual guide of the tune and rhythm provides additional guidance to sing the song once you feel ready to attempt it on your own. The app provides you real-time feedback on your tune and rhythm as you perform, clearly indicating how well you are singing. 

Once you perform a complete song on your own, you can submit it to TSM through the app to receive detailed feedback from faculty. This personalised feedback is emailed to you, with accurate reference to the various sections of the song, highlighting your strengths and areas of improvement. You will also receive a numeric score of your performance in addition to the personalised feedback. 

The Beta version of Learn to Sing features video tutorials and voice lessons in addition to the songs. You will learn more about your voice, correct voice techniques and fundamentals of music theory through these lessons. 

The learning experience will be further enhanced with the release of version 2.0, which builds upon the current features by extending the learning levels. The new version will have an English School, a North Indian School and a South Indian School.

- Beta version 1.0 is currently available for Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (iTunes)
- It’s a free app and offers full in-app user experience at no cost. Additional in-app purchases are available for personalised services such as detailed line-by-line feedback from TSM faculty on every song performance by learners, personalised teacher guidance, and contest participations.

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