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Khushi Qazi
Friday, 29 December 2017

Here’re a few tips by make-up experts on how to look stunning this New Year’s Eve if you’re headed for a party

It’s time to welcome the New Year with a bang. Feel like playing up what you’ve got or transforming into something totally different? No matter how beautifully you dress up, or which hairstyle you opt for, your party look will remain incomplete without the perfect make-up. Since bold lips and glitter were the highlights of this year’s make-up trends, we speak to experts to help guide you to get the perfect glittery look.

Shruti Anand, who is among the top 10 beauty bloggers on YouTube’s 2017 list, mostly focuses on what would suit the Indian skin type and colour. According to her, the latest make-up trend calls for going minimal or full out. She also feels that people don’t have a lot of time to do their make-up during the holidays as they have to meet people, run errands and make sure everything is ready, hence they should opt for quick fixes.

“Browns are my favourite lip trend this season. This season, for lips, very brown plumy shades are in. Copper shades lipsticks are also in vogue. You can apply a bold lipstick with a bold liner if you don't have enough time for full face make-up,” she advises, adding, “For eyes, if you have the time to do a little more, you can apply gold or silver glitter all over your eyelids as they are hit this holiday season. Go bold with your eyeliner, go bold with your lips but keep your face base minimal.”

This year, highlighters have been a big craze and definitely make for party must-have. “If you are pressed for time, you can use highlighter instead of contouring. One must always use full coverage contouring or highlight products, otherwise it is not visible in pictures,” Anand advises. 

Pune-based make-up artist Ashwini Vaichal who has been working in the city for many years says that glitters and metallics are the latest trends in make-up. “Most people think that applying a classic cat eyeliner and a red lipstick is a trend during the holiday season, but this year, metallic finishes are a rage and adding glitter always spices things up. I feel the base should be kept minimal and the eyes and lips should be given more importance,” she adds.

The party season demands that you go bold with lip colours and try out bright shades. Says Vaichal, “You can wear any matte lipstick during the day, but at night you should try wearing metallic shades of berries or red. Opt for liquid lipsticks as they last longer. If you don’t want to do full eyeshadow make-up, you can just apply glitter liquid eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes. This can instantly change your day make-up into night make-up.”

You can also define the crease by applying a contrasting eyeshadow colour across it without blending, and top it off with holographic or any colour glitter that matches the whole look. If you are going for smoky eyes, make sure you apply eyeshadow primer so that it doesn’t smudge.

Ashwini shares some advice on what kind of make-up you should do corresponding to the colour of your outfit:

Green, blue or purple
The colour green looks great on all skin tones. For a green dress, you can use a metallic green eyeshadow with dark or olive hues and top it off with green glitter. You can blend two or three shades of green and if you don’t want to put glitter on the eyelids, you can cut crease with a green glitter eyeliner. You can also line your lower waterline with a green colour pencil or liner.
For lips, berry shades like a dark purple or deep red ox blood shades work well. Keep your base minimal if your lips are bold and just stick to a peach blush or light bronzer. You can use this style for all shades of blue and purple as well. Peacock green/blue shades are also in trend. If you don’t want to go with bold lips, you can use darker shades for the eyes and apply pink or nude shades for lips with lots of glitter.

Golden or silver
If you are wearing a gold sequined or glittery dress, pay more attention to making your skin look flawless. You should be careful to not look like a disco ball.
Apply concealer properly and set the base in place. A red lipstick on a golden dress is a classy combination that never fails to impress.
You can apply a neutral eye make-up using colours like bronze, gold, soft browns, or copper. For dark skin, shades of red like deep wine, rich red, maroon work the best, while for fair to medium skin, shades like pure red, orange-red, pinkish red, cherry red will look stunning.
Apply lots of highlighter for a glowing effect.  
Black is everyone’s favourite colour when it comes to parties. Smokey-eyes is the most sultry and sexy make-up idea that goes well with a black outfit.

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