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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Choosing the right artwork can bring a different feel to the home. An expert gives us some advice on the subject

Buying art does not come naturally to everybody because of which people are often worried about choosing a piece that would go well with their home. As it turns out, choosing art for the home is much more intuitive than one might think. Bhawana Bhatnagar, interior stylist and founder of Casa Exotique, shares with us a few tips on how one can opt for the right art pieces to elevate the look of the house.

When you start your life in a new home or change the settings of your room, the feature that makes it stand out is the use of artwork at various places. However, choosing it is the most difficult task as artworks define the personality of the home owner and show the character of the space. Every nook and corner of the house requires a different type of artwork and one must use the advice of experts to make sure the placement is always right.

For the kitchen
The heart of any home and the most used room is the kitchen. But in most cases, it is also the most neglected place. Ideally, it should have apt artwork incorporated to make it more appealing. Often, guests check the kitchen and if it’s badly done, it leaves a wrong impression. Countertops or spaces above cabinets is where artworks can be placed. Choose smaller pieces that would complement the space. Best would be to use funny or social prints that make you smile and make the mornings happy.

For the bedroom
A retreat after a hard day’s work, the bedroom should have artworks that reflect relaxation. Walls directly above the bed and opposite to bed are the best places to use artworks. In this room, one should go for bigger pieces and those should be hung at the eye level. Abstract pieces that are in soothing colours or tones are the best bet. One can also go for photographs by famous photographers or landscapes paintings. 

For the living room
The pressure to do up the living room is high as guests are welcomed in this room and they spend maximum time here. Right artwork can start conversations and set the feel or vibe of the space. A large-scale piece or a gallery wall is a good idea. Artworks need not be paintings alone, it could be a large scale replica of stag horns and also 3D images that can give a cool feel to the living room.

For the bathroom
Many people neglect the bathroom but artworks should be used here too. One can go for fun and bright pieces, or serene and calming pieces. The artworks here will look good in pairs and one can set them as stacked or side by side. Flipped art pieces can also be used and these can be placed over the toilet or bathtub or over the towel hooks.

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