‘You have to inspire people through your writing’

Debarati Palit Singh
Sunday, 19 May 2019

Author Kamini Khanna, who launched her book — Kamini Aisi Hi Hai, talks about the book and how writers have a responsibility to spread positivity

Well-known writer Kamini Khanna launched her 16th book, Kamini Aisi Hi Hai, a few days back. The writer, music director, singer and anchor says, “I am an RJ for a show on positive thinking, so I wanted to write something which could motivate people. Whatever work I am doing is for the betterment of society. If I can change my followers’ mindset and they start thinking in a positive manner, I would feel I have achieved a lot.”

The book launch was attended by Kamini’s brothers Govinda, Kirti Kumar, her actress daughter Ragini Khanna and others. 

On the same day, author Anil Appasaheb Bodhe launched Kavya Kamini, a book based on life on Kamini. “For a year, he researched on me and wrote the book. I feel overwhelmed, honoured and obliged. Bodheji has been following my work since I was part of a show on Doordarshan. So we basically launched two books,” she says.

Kamini, who juggles between different things, says that taking out time to write isn’t a very difficult task for her. “I believe we can’t make excuses for working on something. I handle different things including my home. I am completely dedicated to whichever work I am doing at that point of time, even if it is for a few days,” she says.

But she adds that she makes it a point to write everyday. “No matter how busy my day has been, I always relax after 8 pm. During that time, I respond to mails sent by my listeners or their messages on social media. Post dinner, I start writing. Earlier, I used to write on the paper, but now I type it on my phone only,” she informs.

Whatever she writes, Kamini tries to make it motivational and inspirational. “Writers have a huge responsibility towards society. You cannot share anything negative with people. You have to inspire people and not demotivate them,” she says, adding, “When a writer is writing something, they can be in a different mood or write on different subjects but they should always end their stories positively.” 

Kamini, who has written short stories, religious stories, biographies and other genres, says that she gets to learn immensely from the different people she interacts on a regular basis. “I have got to learn from different jobs that I have done and different people that I have met in my career of 28 years,” she says.

The writer is currently working on different subjects including a book of short stories inspired by the people she has met. 

When it comes to Hindi literature, Kamini believes that writers need a platform where their writing skills can be honed. “Just like we have reality shows or platforms to enhance the skills of singers and dancers, why can’t we have a platform for budding Hindi writers? No one is coming forward to help these writers. In Hindi literature, writers are not getting the space they deserve. Only some writers have been able to make it big, rest are still struggling financially,” she says. 

She further points out that at Hasya Kavi Sammelan, people no longer tell original jokes. “They tell jokes from different sources. We have to support those who write original stuff,” says Kamini before signing off.

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