‘Workout with a free mind’

Amrita Prasad
Sunday, 11 March 2018

Sanjay Gagnani enjoys his workout and tries different types of physical activities for fitness

Having begun his career on the small screen with Colors TV’s Bairi Piya, Sanjay Gagnani became a household name among TV soap lover when he featured in shows like Hamari Devrani, Encounter , Veera, Pyaar Ka The End, Fear Files: Darr Ki Sacchi Tasvirein, Savdhaan India, Halla Bol and so on. Although his brief stint with Bollywood films Rakhtbeej and Heroine, didn’t leave a lasting impression on the audience’s mind, today people are loving for his role in Zee TV’s Kundali Bhagya. Ask him what makes him stay so fit and sport a chiseled body, he answers that happiness is the reason behind his great body. 

“I try to keep myself happy all the time without worrying about my weight. I don’t diet and don’t stress. That’s how I don’t get heavy. People worry and get stressed the moment they get a little heavier. I dance and workout regularly and I take a day off from the gym whenever my mind and body doesn’t allow. I listen to my heart and keep myself happy. That’s the secret of my fit and healthy body,”says Sanjay who believes in working out depending on how he feels. He often uses dance as a tool to attain fitness. “I switch between dance, jogging, MMA, weight training, swimming, functional training and so on. I don’t follow any workout regime but my heart,” he adds.

Talking about the number of days he breaks his sweat at the gym, he says that he workout minimum three days and maximum five days a week.

The young actor kick starts his day with green tea, believe in eating clean.”What you eat is how you look and how you think. So eating clean is very necessary to look clean and think clean.

My diet consists of egg whites or chicken breast, daal, chapati, one veg curry, salad, fruits and curd. I believe in eating smaller portions at regular intervals. I don’t believe in starving or dieting at all. I eat what my heart wishes for and then I make sure I burn those extra calories. Due to hectic schedules, it’s very difficult to follow a certain diet so I don’t really stick to a particular diet regime. Food makes me happy so I eat whatever my taste buds wish for.”

I cheat whenever my heart wishes to. Cheat diet consists of Butter Chicken, Tandoori Butter Roti, Rajma, Rice and any dessert that consists a lot of chocolate. I’m a chocolate lover!

l Fitness for me is: Mathematics! A balancing act between keeping yourself happy by eating whatever you want to and then burning those extra calories.

l My fitness regimen: Any form of exercise. Be it dancing, MMA, swimming, functional training, cardio, weight training etc.

l My daily diet: Mostly it’s egg whites, chicken breast, dal, sabji, salad, curd, oats roti, little rice.

l The importance of sleep and diet on health and fitness:  Seven hours of sound sleep is must if one wants to look fit and feel healthy.

l My supplements include: Multivitamin tablets. No other supplements. I believe consuming natural food rather than opting for supplements. I find supplements burdening.

l The body part I love training:  Chest. 

l The body part I hate training: Legs.

l My best body feature: Smile.

l I started working out at the age of: 18.

l I was inspired to work out after looking at:  John Abraham. 

l My personal trainers: Sagar Pawar.

l Fitness mistake one must never make: Don’t stress or worry about your body and weight. Workout with a free mind.

l I like to work out with: Kickass music. 

l The Bollywood actors with the fittest body: John Abraham, Ranveer Singh, and Hrithik Roshan. 

l The days I don’t workout I feel:  Lazy and drowsy.

l My tip for those aspiring to be fit:  Push yourself but don’t stress or worry. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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