‘Today, at least new singers are getting that first chance’

Debarati Palit Singh
Friday, 9 March 2018

Singer Brijesh Shandilya talks about working with new composers and how it’s become easy for new singers to approach people for work.

It’s been an interesting year for singer Brijesh Shandilya — who crooned songs like Mushkil Hai Apna Meil Priye (Mukkabaaz), Swag (Munna Michael), Rocket Saiyyan (Shubh Mangal Savdhaan), Golmaal 4 title track and Trippy (Bhoomi). It’s quite natural, therefore, for Brijesh to land up some good projects. 
“I won’t be able to talk about my songs until they are ready to release. But I can say that my work has been noticed and all these projects are a result of that. Producers and composers are approaching me for work,” he says. 

Brijesh says that he is happy with the kind of songs that are offered to him. “That’s because I am getting songs of the genre that I sing. I have been singing for a decade now, for various people. They know my style and are offering me that.” 
Many believe that Brijesh’s Sufi style of singing makes him unique in the industry, but the singer differs on this. “I don’t think I sing in Sufi style, although I love listening to Sufi songs. See, the poetry of the songs is Sufi. When a song is in form of poetry, it becomes a Sufi song. So it’s the poetry that decides the style. No person can sing it in Sufi style. I have a raw, desi style,” he explains.

Considering he’s been in the industry for almost a decade, ask him if contacts work more than talent, and he replies, “Many people come from musical families. But sometimes they don’t have the talent. If they get a chance to sing, they are unable to prove themselves. Our voice needs to have some character. Also, one needs to walk on the right path. The timing also has to be right.” 

The industry has many camps. A particular composer and music label would promote their own set of singers, but Brijesh says that the singers, whom composers and labels promote, have already proved themselves. “It doesn’t happen overnight. These singers have worked very hard to reach that position. If labels are promoting certain new singers, it is because they have worked for it and they deserve it. These singers sign deals with the labels. It has its advantages and disadvantages,” says Brijesh, who has also sung Banno Tera Swagger and Mera Nachan Nu. 

He adds that if he signs a deal with a label, they too will promote him. But it’s his choice that he doesn’t want to. “I have sung for every composer for the last 10 years. If the song is worth it, I will sing it. At the end of the day, you learn something new through every project.” 
There is huge difference between singing for new and established composers. “When you are working with someone for several years, you keep watching their style and you embrace it. It’s equally important to work with new people because they don’t have any experience. You can meet them with a fresh mind and listen to them. It becomes easier to deliver and you end up learning something different,” he says. 

Currently, the industry has seen an over emergence of singers. As a result the industry has become competitive and not everyone is getting a fair chance. But Brijesh believes that if a singer is talented, s/he also needs to present themselves in the market. “Competition is across industries and not just restricted to the field of music. If a person has some kind of uniqueness, they will always stand out. Till a few years ago, a set of musicians ruled the music industry. But even that wasn’t right.

We had so many talented people and a counted few got a chance. Today, at least everyone is getting that first chance,” points out Brijesh.
He says that it’s easier for singers today to approach people for work and showcase their talent. “They just need the willingness. Composers are open to new talent. YouTube has opened new platform for artists where they can create content. People are keeping a watch on this platform,” adds the singer. 

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